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  1. MarianS


    Many thanks to Velocity Sports Equipment for working so hard to have my beautiful rig ready in time for Jump For The Rose Pinkfest Mini Boogie this year. The workmanship is beautiful. My logo is stunning on the back! The harness is super comfortable and the black hardware gives it that polished look. Many thanks to Nicole, Adam, and the rest of the team for working with DJ Marvin to create this masterpiece for me!
  2. Anyone in the Olathe, Kansas area who can care for a dog for a few weeks? She is a beautiful black chow, very sweet.
  3. Didn't have time...the plane was leaving!!
  4. We did night jumps last night and they taped the chemical light sticks to me with this tape that left sticky stuff on my Bev Suit. Anyone have a good idea of how to get it off with out ruining my suit? Thanks, Marian PS Night jumps are fun!!
  5. I am glad my SO doesn't want to come to the DZ with me. I'ts my time alone with friends, kind of like the gym. Last time I was there, I got hurt and if he had been there, all I would have heard was "I told you so." and he would have been freaking out. Turns out I am OK...just have to heal. Chiropractors can really turn a sprained ankle around if you get to them in time....FYI. So, he doesn't know I am hurt, and I have been able to hide it from all wuffo friends and family. Thank God... He likes the fact that I am happy and energetic. We don't talk about my last AFF jump unless he asks,and he asks less and less.....That's OK with me. This has gotten to be a personal thing with me, I rarely share my experiences with anyone now, and that is hard for me since I am just now getting into the really fun part of my AFF training and I love to talk about it. You all know what I mean, right?......barrel rolls and come back amd frot loops... whoo hoo!!!! I think we will be OK as long as I keep this low key and he thinks that he is LETTING me do it. LOL!! Can you relate, girls??? Can't wait to get back to the DZ!!!
  6. Thanks a bunch!!! That makes sense... I can't wait to try it eventually!! My second solo is day after tomorrow.
  7. When people ask me that I tell them that they just asked me my favorite question! Then I tell them that I jumped because the door was open and the green light was on!! LOL!!
  8. Hey I'm new and I don't know what this is. Can anyone help?
  9. Hey Jared, thanks for the post! I'm going down Saturday for my 4th and 5th jump. It takes me an hour and 15 minutes to get there. Sorry it's so far for you.... Maybe I'll see you there sometimes! Blue Skies Marian
  10. My neice wanted to jump to celebrate her graduation. My hubby and I took her to jump and her friends didn't show up. I thought about jumping with her on the way there and it scared me. Told myself to just quit thinking about it, but when we got there I saw parachutes in the sky and everything changed. I had always wanted to do it, but thought I was too old. Something took over my mind and before I knew it I was signing up to jump with her. It was absolutely the MOST AWESOME thing I ever did!! My tandem instructor talked to me about lessons afterward and I thought "no way". Then I couldn't stop thinking about doing it again!! I am totally hooked on this. I've lost 20 lbs and I feel like I am 20 years younger! Is there a sky diving term for this?
  11. Hi everyone!! I am thrilled to be here and looking forward to meeting fellow sky divers. If anyone had told me that I would be sky diving 2 months ago, I would have told them they were crazy! I only have three jumps as of now. Did my first solo May 29th. The weather has put a damper on things for me here in Houston and I plan to jump again this Saturday. My drop zone is great and my instructor is the best!! Blue Skies!!!!!