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  1. In place of the "mark as sold" button on classified adds, put a "Sale Pending" button. at least for rigs and things that go out to riggers for inspection rather then a stright up on the spot sale. Why mark as sold when you can just remove the add once it has sold?
  2. The real name search feature is not working. It doesnt bring back any new results as if you just search with a blank field.
  3. Any body want my old mags?
  4. thinking of returnning after 2 years out. I have just 61 jumps. Do I have to start all over? (im still paying off credit cards from the first AFF and equipment.) Thanks
  5. Whats so bad about not wanting to go below 4500'
  6. Just remember all those who quit the hard way ,,ie Death. its almost been 2 years for me and I still have cravings. I still think its the best thing I ever did for my self, my family, my friends. Congrats and keep going. My Mother is awaiting biop's from her lungs, She is as far as we know cancer free for almost a year now and we hope these biop's will tell the same tale. I like many others have lost many of my fam to lung cancer and I refuse to do that to any one when I have the power to stop it. You can do it. --- you already have
  7. any one else going to be there Thur night or will I be the only die hard there again this year Solodare "Get out da golf cart Beeiiitch" Rodriguez
  8. be there Thur, I'll be the one with the big House on the hill a cold bottle of wine great tunes and a nice big view of the stars.
  9. yes , I'm going to get one this weekend. I will most likely get the LED also.
  10. thanks, Who needs data recording anyway right?
  11. has anyone every thought of using the swoop beeps for regular landing pattern marks. (JUST AS A REFRANCE) for turn points and visual altitude awarness? Like a learning tool? Or is this another bad idea of mine?
  12. great system!!!! Just ask around your local Best Buy When the next shipment is coming in (most likely Sun) and go hang out about 2.5 to 3 hours before the store opens. Its well worth the wait. Good luck!