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  1. I just picked up a Browe 4x32 Combat Optics sight to use on my AR10. Haven't had a chance to mount and zero it yet but it sure looks sweet. Who Dares Wins
  2. Don't be so hasty on eliminating the .38 snub nose as a carry gun. I have a Taurus model 85, stainless steel, 2" barrel and I can hit a golf ball with it at 25 yards. It now has the hammer bobbed off of it to eliminate snags, 5 rounds of Glaser Safety slugs, tucked away in a nice ankle holster makes a great hide-out. Who Dares Wins
  3. Yeah, me too. It'll be 30 years next Sunday. Who Dares Wins
  4. It's no big deal, Soros will just write another check to make up for it. Who Dares Wins
  5. Did the 1SG happen to tell you that at the end of the training session they (the coppers) get to test their tazers on you so they can see how much it takes to affect a drunk. Who Dares Wins
  6. Hey now, no dis'ing the PBR. I fondly remember drinking a warm one after being extracted from way deep in indian country, thought it wass the best beer I'd ever tasted. Who Dares Wins
  7. I've got one that charges the batteries on my rv, mounts on top and keeps the batteries fully charged. I think I bought it from Camping World on they're web-site. Who Dares Wins
  8. Onions , peppers and Cheese Wiz, love the way the Cheese Wiz gets all soft and drips on the boobies. Who Dares Wins
  9. Come on, tell the truth, you're hitting that! Who Dares Wins
  10. The owner of the building's insurance claim was denied. Funny thing is this is the 3d property of his to mysteriously catch fire after the tenents had vacated it. The guys that were trying to put in the wind tunnel had moved out 3 weeks prior to the fire, the only thing left was the sign on the building "Oregon Indoor Skydiving Adventures". I knew the guys trying to build it and had stopped by to see them one morning and Zoller told me they had moved everything out. He was pretty pissed about the vent installed in the roof. Who Dares Wins
  11. And you found it on Fox Imagine that Sorry to burst your bubble but its on CNN also. Who Dares Wins
  12. That is the answer, not only do you get a bad ass rabbit but one with boobies. Who Dares Wins
  13. What hops are you using for the IPA? I made one not to long ago and used Warrior whole hops. Turned out about 9.2% with 72.9IBU. Tasty stuff. Who Dares Wins
  14. Pendelton whiskey on ice, smooooth! Who Dares Wins
  15. If you hold their nose they usually swallow. Who Dares Wins