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  1. My fiance ordered an FS suit direct from Chris when we were in Eloy the first week in December. He is still waiting. He has had a lot of the same stock emails listed on this thread. I have been chasing Chris via his personal facebook page, since any comment I make on his business facebook page gets deleted. A week ago, FIVE MONTHS after the order was placed, he promised a delivery date and tracking number would be following soon. We're still waiting!!! DO NOT TOUCH THIS FIRM WITH A TEN FOOT POLE!!!!
  2. Just wanted to say that JFTC won't be the same without you babe and you're still missed and loved. Have fun with Pat Hammond turquoise chick Can't believe it's been 3 years Fi x
  3. I can't believe it but it's been 2 years since we lost Taz (;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread I still miss her as much as ever. After a recent visit to Perris I found myself thinking about her SO much since the last time I was there was for JFTC 05 and the first of her 4 world records that made her the world wide personality that those of us at home already knew her to be. Already the arrangements are process for JFTC 09 and it's hard to believe that she won't be part of it. Anyone who knew her - live life as she did, smile and hug as much as you can! If in doubt - think turquoise!! Fi xxx
  4. So....who's going?? Should be good - just added another coach so more places available for the Big Way Camp. Would be great to see some familar names and put faces to them too! Fi x
  5. I've just found the note I wrote 2 weeks after the one year anniversary: "Taz, where do I start? I miss you SO much. I still can't believe you're gone. Some of us still forget that you're gone and we keep thinking that you're just away on a trip and that we're going to see you next weekend, or that you're just going to come bouncing round the corner. I can't believe it's been a year. We all miss you so much. We all thought of you at Brit Chicks. You were on the back of our t shirts too!! You'd have been so embarassed by that wouldn't you? Back in January at the AGM your Mum said we'd get it on your birthday, and that was the only day of good weather we got! and at least we got the 52 way red cross - which I know you would have loved doing! Be with us in September and sort out some great weather for us babe - please!! You were on the last 2 Brit Chicks - we want you with us for the 3rd. Watching your Mum and Gail doing their tandems was awesome. Your Mum said that you were giggling from a cloud. I think you were the "jesus rays" coming through the clouds after they landed - just checking on them eh? Last weekend was the anniversary. There was a LOT of turquoise around at Langar. Some of us were worried that you'd be forgotten - but you never will. We'll always miss you and always love you." I don't think I can add much more. Miss you babe. Fi xx
  6. Kallend - Just the 2 of us then? 2 points should be pretty easy then!!!! Got a pic? Vallerina - you wanted spanking, not me!!! Billy - no I'm not!!! Fi xx
  7. So who's actually going?? Just so that I can say hi while I'm there. Can't wait!!! I'm one of the few Brits so that might give you a clue - please come and say hi. See ya there! Fi x
  8. Oh yeah - and post a pic so we know its you!!!
  9. Zeppo - between you and me mate!!! The rest of the pic that Pincheck is talking about is at There'll also be talk about the Langar boogie on there nearer the time - try the Langar board. But come and say hi anyway! Then you'll have loads of friends by the time you get here... Fi x
  10. BEER!!!!!!! and the chances are I'll be behind the bar so don't forget to buy me one - otherwise I'll tell everyone!!!!!!!!! this is me working, just so you know!!
  11. Of course you could go to Bedford and just stay downstairs!! That is definitely a short walk!!!
  12. So who's Clare's replacement in Airkix?
  13. Come on Regan - they know what they're getting themselves in to. Its been there for long enough. And they make more than enough just from the bar to cover all the clean up costs. See you there!! Fiona xx