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  1. I've put a series of videos up on my FB page that give a bit more info about me and my candidacy. 1. Who I am. 2. How the election works 3. What I've done on the board 4. What I plan to do in the future 5. Step-by-step online voting Hope this info helps you all in being more informed members and voters! Happy voting! ************ Watch out for planters.
  2. Can a moderator unsticky the 2014 events and sticky the 2018 please. ************ Watch out for planters.
  3. FLCPA #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 24-25 FLCPA #2 Skydive Sebastian March 24-25 FLCPA #3 Skydive City Z-Hills April 21-22 FLCPA #4 West Tenn Skydiving May 19-20 FLCPA #5 Skydive Paraclete XP June 9-10 MWCPA #1 Skydive Midwest July 28 NECPL. Old school pond swoop comp. August 11th. Skydive Cross Keys Pink Open 16-19 August Klatovy MWCPA #2 Skydive Midwest August 25 French Nationals September 7-9 Orleans - France FLCPA #6 Skydive Sebastian September 22-23 USPA Canopy Piloting Nationals 2018 - Registration and Practice, September 24 - Competition, September 25 - 28 PD Tveir 2018 Sebastian Sept 28-30 ************ Watch out for planters.
  4. The info above is in relation to a Katana and Velocity. I would not give the same advice to someone going from a Valkyrie to a Peregrine(PI). Completely different canopies. There are different considerations to be made in selecting a Peregrine size. We work directly with those who are ready for a Peregrine to assist them in selecting the right size/sizes for their competition goals and their personal flying style. Hope this info helps. Albert ************ Watch out for planters.
  5. Going from the KA 120 to a VE 120 the Velocity will feel sluggish. same size for same size, the Katana will seem like a much sportier canopy. The KA will turn faster, dive harder, and accelerate quicker. Where the Velocity will excel is the slow flight characteristics, which is why the Velocity is better as you get into smaller sizes/higher wingloadings. For example, you may find a Katana 107 seems to loose bottom end flight/lift sooner than the Velocity 103, simply because the slow flight characteristics are better on the Velo. So if your going to make the switch, most people choose to downsize, unless your looking solely for the better slowfilght and don't want to go faster. The Velo is a great first crossbraced if your ready to take that step. With the release of the Valkyrie, their are loads of used ones out there if you want to do gradual step downs in size. If your looking to pick out something to last you a bit longer and are planning on going new, I would recommend going for the Comp Velo. It is very similar to the regular Velo, but it opens better, has better rear riser performance, and better slow flight. Standard they both have regular sliders and 500 or 700 weight line. You can def try a few things out when your here in Deland and we can discuss further in person. Give us a call a little before you get here and we can get a few canopies ready for you to play with. Albert Berchtold Performance Designs
  6. FLCPA #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 24-25 FLCPA #2 Skydive Sebastian March 24-25 FLCPA #3 Skydive City Z-Hills April 21-22 FLCPA #4 West Tenn Skydiving May 19-20 FLCPA #5 Skydive Paraclete XP June 9-10 Pink Open 16-19 August Klatovy FLCPA #6 Skydive Sebastian September TBD (Pre-Nationals) ************ Watch out for planters.
  7. Pop me an email. I can hook you up. [email protected] ************ Watch out for planters.
  8. FLCPA Meet #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 25-26 Coach: Curt Bartholomew FLCPA Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills April 1-2 Coach: Justin Price FLCPA Meet #3 Skydive Sebastian April 29-30 Coach: Curt Bartholomew FLCPA Meet #4 West Tennessee Skydiving May 20-21 Coach: Paul Rodriguez FLCPA Meet #5 Skydive Paraclete XP June 24-25 Coach:Greg Windmiller FLCPA Meet #6 Skydive Paraclete XP September 1-2 (Pre-Nationals) ************ Watch out for planters.
  9. FLCPA #1 21-22 February @ZHills, FL FLCPA #2 14-15 March @ZHills, FL FLCPA #3 23-24 May @Raeford, NC FLCPA #4 12-13 June @Raeford, NC USPA Nationals 15-18 June @Raeford, NC(not positive on exact days) European Cup 12-14th June @ Dunkeswell, Devon UK UK Nationals & Open 24-26 July @ Dunkeswell, Devon, UK Pink Open 13-16 August @ Klatovy CZ 8th World Cup of Canopy Piloting 23 - 29 Aug @ Farnham, Canada ************ Watch out for planters.
  10. While we usually do our best to keep the new R&D stuff under wraps, yes, we’ve been letting our new toy out to be seen a little more. Some of the first Peregrine prototypes were made with ZP material and opened awesome at terminal or subterminal speeds. We then started adding a sail material to the top skin leading edge. When we developed prototypes using more of the heavier sail fabric we began to focus on the competition performance of the wing and less on terminal deployment performance. At this point the engineering project split into two: the project that produced the Peregrine and another project to complete the X-braced Schumann planform “freefall canopy”. We’ve continued to build ZP versions and have been fine tuning it for a while now. I’ve attached a pic of JC flying one of the ZP prototypes with a sail leading edge at the 2012 World meet. He preferred the ones with the longer snivel since he was jumping with lots of camera gear…at the time, often with a RED on his head. We’ve built many other versions with different ZP/Sail configurations, 7 cells, 9 cells, and sizes in the range of 60-100 sq. ft. Recent versions are doing great. The openings and slow flight characteristics are better than the Velocity or Comp Velocity, and they are also more aggressive, more powerful and more capable. These ZP Freefall canopies are doing everything we want them to. We’re like kids with a new toy and would love to let everyone play with it, but then we remember there’s a lot that our customers expect from us. There are quality standards that must be met, inspection criteria to be completed, longevity testing to be performed, and documentation to be produced. We do this to make sure we are keeping to the high standards that PD is known for. In short, we love this canopy, it’s worth waiting for and it shouldn’t be long. Our current lead time is 9 weeks, and this new canopy will have the same production time as all our other products when it becomes available. Exciting times ahead!!! Al ************ Watch out for planters.
  11. Tommy Dellibac USA Greg Windmiller USA Albert Berchtold USA Paul Rodriguez USA Erwin Baatenburg de Jong NL All four hover in the 250-260 exit weight. I have seen "fat guy binge eating" in the weeks preceding US Nationals or World Meets. Hans Paulsen was on a whole other level. He was around a 290 exit weight. ************ Watch out for planters.
  12. There certainly are a bunch of multicolor PD Reserves out there. PD moved to solid colors only and reduced the available color pallet to LBL,WHT, YEL a few year back. The company still has the capacity to build multicolor, and the fabrics to do so, but found that most customers that were requesting it were doing so from lack of knowledge. (ie. First time gear buyers wanting to match their gear.) Having a reserve that tells others on your load, and those on the ground "hey look out, I'm on a reserve" certainly seems like a good idea. If tomorrow someone wanted something other than a solid LBL, WHT, or YEL we would certainly entertain the discussion with them and build it if there was a valid reason to and thorough though process in the decision. Al ************ Watch out for planters.
  13. Dubai International SL #2 - Jan 26 FLCPA #1 Feb 8-9 Z-Hills Dubai International SL #3 - Feb 23 FLCPA #2 Mar 15-16 Z-Hills Dubai International SL #4 - Mar 30 FLCPA #3 APR 5-6 Raeford NC Australian Nationals - April 16-21 FLCPA #4 APR 26-27 The Dubai International SL #5 - Apr 27 South African Nationals Apr 28 - 1 May Pretoria FLCPA #5 May 17-18 USPA Nationals May 21-23 Z-Hills (Practice days May 19-20) Danish Nationals Open of June - of June NJFK NECPL meet #1 June 14-15. Skydive Crosskeys NECPL meet #2 July 12-13 Skydive Crosskeys UK & Irish Nationals & Open July 18-20 Dunkeswell, UK King Of Swoop 2014 July 21-27 - Empuriabrava, Spain NECPL Meet #3 Aug 9-10 Skydive Crosskeys Italian Canopy Piloting Nationals & Open - August 9-10 Ravenna Italy Pink Open, Klatovy CZ, 14-17 August French Nationals & Open, Castelnau-Magnoac, 5-7 September, France NECPL meet #4 Sep 13-14. Skydive Crosskeys 2nd Annual Sun Path Products Canopy Piloting Open - Oct 8-12 Raeford, NC World Cup 2014 1st-7th Nov. ZHills PD Tveir Tvo; Nov 8th-9th ZHills Dubai International Parachuting Championships #5 Nov 26 - Dec 7, Dubai ************ Watch out for planters.
  14. FLCPA Meet #1 / Skydive City Z-Hills / February 2-3 FLCPA Meet #2 / Skydive City Z-Hills / March 2-3 FLCPA Meet#3 / Raeford Parachute Center / April 13-14 CRCPL Comp1 / Skydive Sacramento / April 20th, 2013 FLCPA Meet #4 / Skydive City Z-Hills / May 4-5 US CP Nationals / Skydive City Z-Hills / May 6-12 Danish Nationals / NJFK Jutland / May 18 - 20 FLCPA Meet #5 / Skydive The Farm / June 1-2 Black Mountain CP comp / Zwartberg, Belgium / June 21-23 CRCPL Comp2 / Skydive Sacramento / June 29th, 2013 CRCPL Comp3 / Skydive Sacramento / July 13th, 2013 CSPA Canadian Nationals / Nouvel Air Skydiving, Farnham, Quebec / July 18-20 Pink Open / Skydive Pink, Klatovy, CZ / August 15-18 CP World Cup / Kolomna, Russia / August 24-29 4rd "PARA-SKUF" Association Canopy Piloting Open Cup / Kiev, Ukraine / September 5 - 8 CRCPL Comp4 / Skydive Sacramento / September 21st, 2013 BPA British Nationals & Open / Dunkeswell, UK / 20-22 Sept French Nationals / Castelnau Magnoac, France / 27-29 Sept SunPath Products Canopy Open, Raeford Parachute Center, October 10-13, 2013 PD Project Orange-Lord of the Strings/Zephyrhills October 16-19, 2013 ************ Watch out for planters.
  15. If I were that savy, I'd have written some code into the score sheets that would have had me finishing in the to 8 last year. Its partly because of the WM dates for Russia, but also for weather reasons. May is actually the best weather time down here in FL. Aug/Sept is hurricane season. June/July it rains like a SOB. TK put a lot of thought into selecting the month that would be best for our event and the weather in Zhills. It is tougher for training for the northerners, but most people who are serious about competing and set a goal of competing(whether at Pro or advanced level) seem to stay current anyway thrrough the winter. ************ Watch out for planters.