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  1. Thanks for the replies, I'm located in Australia so may be a bit expensive to get a machine shipped here but figured parts to change it might be cheaper. I was given the machine for nothing and its in good working order so was going to see whats out there. Cheers,
  2. Hey all, I've got a Singer 269W and want to change the tack to a 42stitch tack. Just wondering if anyone has the parts to change it to a 42 stitch tack that they want to sell or know where to get them. Cheers,
  3. Hey all, I'm in search of the 5ft inflatable swoop pylons. Anyone know where to get them. Cheers,
  4. Our DZ looking at getting a couple new reserves for our Sigma tandem rigs. Wondering whats good and whats not in tandem reserves. Cheers,
  5. Nice setup! Have you considered grinding down the post after the clamp? Esp. since it is on your pull side. My setup is similar, but I have the Nex3N where you have your gopro, and the gopro on top (standard plate). Cheers, yeah just haven't got around to trimming the post down yet. Will do soon
  6. Flat top pro with extra large top plate 2x Flatlocks Stills: canon 7d with sigma 10-20mm Video: NEX5N with 16mm lens / gopro 3 black I will also mount a led light bank on the front L bracket instead of the gopro and hopefully upgrading to a 6d with 17-40mm lens soon
  7. Do you have a record light/indicator like the hypeye or the cam eye for the nex5