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  1. A NAP friend of mine would like to know from the skydiving community what all the women think is the best feature of a man that makes them most attractive to women.
  2. An incredibly man, father, teacher, coach, and mentor will be missed. Blue ones!
  3. MATT, don't confuse the GOLDEN KNIGHTS with the USASOC DEMO TEAM that jumped into the NASCAR race this past weekend. They are two different teams completely. So by using the "ARMY PARACHUTE TEAM FROM FORT BRAGG", this to most people are the Golden Knights please make sure you post correct information. thanks
  4. Best bet obviously is to demo both canopies and find out what you like best. I have jumped a stiletto 150 and 135 and put 60 jumps on them and also a cobalt 150 and 135 with another 60 jumps. I can tell you that you will get a better swoop out of the cobalt with more speed and that deep in brakes the cobalt handles much better. As for openings, I have yet to have a bad opening on the cobalt ie hard opening. Both have spun up a couple of times. Diff here is that the stiletto dives off and it sucks. Cobalt will fly on heading and let you kick out. Toggle pressure is lighter on the cobalt. The stiletto has to be flown all the way from opening to the ground with minor adjustments during the entire flight. The cobalt you can let the toggles go and it will maintain a heading. The stiletto has a short toggle range whereas the cobalt has a slightly larger one. Overall the one thing that put me off of the stiletto was the off heading openings combined with it spinning up to the line attachment points. Favorite thing about the cobalt was the way it handles in deep brakes. It won't bowtie like the stiletto does.
  5. remember that UPSA is not a governing body, so NO they are not mandating anything!!! The can recommend though! Also remember not all DZ are USPA members either
  6. Having jumped both containers, I can definitely say that I enjoy the Mirage G3 and G4 over the Javelin products. The mirages just fit better and was more comfortable over the day. I jumped the Javelin TJNK and a both Mirage MOS.
  7. 1:0:3 1 reserve packed under my own symbol 0 jumps 2 instructor and 1 tandem video jump great weather for it too.
  8. Your second paragraph and two comments don't jive, but thanks for your input though. But what the heck if your behind bars with no chance of parole you probably took someone's life or close to it. But what would I know lol!!!! Your logic not mine!! PM me if you like to discuss it!!
  9. Good example of what might of happened occurred at Skydive Atlanta a couple of years ago. They had a Casa Boogie and the dz has a local airport nearby. Anyway, the load was on jump run and the red light comes on and stays on for a little while, then the light goes out and half the jumpers go. Blind faith I say will get you hurt or killed. FYI the green light never came on and instead the plane was 4 miles downwind !!!! Hence the long red light. The had to make a go around do to incoming traffic! Remember that genius has limits but stupidity doesn't!!!
  10. The question you should be asking yourself is this. If someone was pointing a gun at you and you at him or her, if you were given the chance to shoot first would you???? Think about this long and hard and then think about all those people at the World Trade center that never had that choice. FYI the plane that hit tower one's pilot was imprisoned by Israel in 96, and we the US let him out knowing this might happen go figure!!!! So essentially we did what you might be afraid to do, given the choice above. So we paid for it. Oh and thanks Mr Clinton for letting him go !!!! What a waste.
  11. Hmmm, I see a pattern here for many people posting on DZ.com that are AFF lvl 4 repeats......failure. You all make it sound like it's the end of the world, it isn't!! This sport like many is about learning, so if you are worried about having to repeat a level then maybe you should take up another hobby!! FYI I voluntarily redid a level six because the instructor said I was a go to the next level, but I felt like a needed to work more, her first response was that will cost you more money, my response was it could cost me my life!!!! So if you are not willing to spend the time, money, and effort then you should definitely consider another sport!!!
  12. Gotta have a 130 cause you can jump from it and fly around the world in it. take plenty of friends on the world circuit of skydiving
  13. It's easy, follow manufacturers directions. You should have a copy when you bought your gear. If not then get one from the manufacturer or your local rigger.
  14. Take this with a grain of salt Clay, but when did you become a defense expert???? I see lots of people here post opinions. Please keep it at that. Unless you have personally written doctrine or established battle plans, I would keep general comments to yourself and ensure opinions are NOTED!!! thanks Too much heresay floating around, kinda like much of what goes on here!!!!
  15. Mirage doesn't make a container with velcro tuck tabs. The order forms are referring to velcro or velcroless toggles on your risers!!!