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  1. Yes it did. # 5 on the Sports Center Top 10.
  2. I'm sure that tunnel has one of the most complex cost structures out there. Developing a suitable price structure is going to be a challenge. With a solid tourist base, they should have it covered.
  3. If it's simple mathmatics, then the Hollywood tunnel should be the cheapest to fly in.
  4. I thought you just said you weren't going to post anything else on this subject? Maybe we should talk about the first "manager" you hired for the tunnel and how you paid him so well for his work there. What a great story that is. I guess you can say he didn't know what he was getting into.
  5. Why don't you let everyone know why I'm not allowed back? I've only flown there twice. The first time we showed up 25 min before our flight time and your instructors definitely helped get our group in on time. But if we couldn't start on time who cares? It's not your loss. We're late, we lose time. But since it was such an inconvenience for you, I can understand why you're upset. I'm definitely not the only one who's unhappy. A lot of people are scared or intimidated and they want to keep it to themselves so they can keep getting a good deal and not piss anyone off. Now that I'm not allowed back, I have nothing to lose and can finally speak the truth. I guess you figure since you had a great month in December getting a lot of money for gift certificates and the holidays you can not allow certain people back. If you didn't like me, but I still spent money at your tunnel, who's fooling who? Just a bad decision to turn away any business especially in Nashua, NH. I'm welcome at every tunnel except yours. They will gladly accept my money and I will gladly give it to them. In time people will know the truth. You'll screw them over too and then we'll have something in common. Your staff is fantastic and I acknowledge that. They know the meaning of customer service. Unfortunately, you have no idea what that is and that's OK. Just let them deal with the customers and you can stay in the back counting the money. I also wish you the best for this new year. Let's hope you haven't already peaked yet.
  6. You wanna talk about catering to tourists? We had an hour booked at New Hampshire at 3pm and before our flight, a group of tourists showed up. They decided to take the tourists in during our time and bumped us back without even asking us. I guess our business wasn't as important so we won't be going back. Just hope they don't do this to you!!!
  7. Location is most important with other activities to do nearby. I don't care how nice or fast the tunnel is. If it's in the middle of no where I have little desire to go there. For example, I live in Massachusetts, about an hour from the tunnel in NH. The tunnel facility is very nice and probably one of the fastest in the world but I choose to take a vacation to Orlando to buy a lot of time because of the way they treat me as a customer. It doesn't matter that it's slower or an older design. It's the way I feel while I'm there and I have no problem giving them my hard earned money because they make me feel good about doing it. In my book, from a customer's perspective, it doesn't get any better than Orlando for an all around great time.
  8. I want to see the Bowen top ten! List them in order starting with your favorite and it can't be Orlando just because you work there
  9. Good news.. I remember when we first started the fans. They accidentally hooked one of the fans up backwards! It was also strange to run them one at a time because even topped out there was hardly any wind or sound.
  10. It is more efficient because it's a recirculator. It uses half the power to get same wind speed as the open air models. Colorado is very quite because the return air towers were built with concrete. It's more expensive, but is virtually silent from outside. It's a great design since you can put it anywhere and it will not disturb local businesses and homes. They did a great job with that one..
  11. The more you buy the better. Especially if you are a new jumper. You won't have a problem finding good coaching in Orlando. Have a great time.
  12. Wow, that's exciting. Especially since the tunnel is going to be running for about a month before people start beating the door down to fly!
  13. When does the instructor training start? Are people going to be able to watch some of the training? Who is coming from the IBA to train them?
  14. There is a tunnel scheduled for construction soon in Utah. Not sure what model, but it will be a SkyVenture wind tunnel. Use this link and scroll down. There's a lot more planned than just Utah. We'll see what happens.