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  1. tigra


    Haven't had them in ages but would definitely eat them again. It's all about the butter and garlic- most food drowned in garlic butter tastes ok and assuming they are cooked properly, I don't mind the texture.
  2. I met a young girl of color about 2 months ago, and she was brave enough to share an experience with a group of us about another kid from her class telling her she had "poop skin". I definitely made a point of telling this lovely 10 year old child that she had beautiful skin and I won't apologize for that. While I do see your point about too much emphasis being placed on some obscure concept of beauty, I think there are times when we do need to hear we are beautiful.
  3. I actually participated in an international scavenger hunt called GISHWES and last year one of the tasks involved building something out of wombat poop. I did not call my local zoo and ask for wombat poop but I know people who did.
  4. I would plan a jump with some of my friends who make skydiving fun and special. Do they really pie for 100? I thought that was for 1000 or more.
  5. these are all good. Ill add Marillion Misplaced Childhood- that is one that really plays best as a complete album. It tells a story.
  6. I miss her too. Every single day.
  7. my mom had an unopened 6 pack or Billy Beer in her fridge for ages. I don't remember what happened to it.
  8. I remember. I'm not actively jumping these days but still like to check in every now and then.
  9. tigra

    Deuce Matters

    I only knew him through his posts here and yes, he matters.
  10. tigra

    Dilly dilly

    Love that Marillion album, meant to be played in order start to finish. Do artists do that anymore? I spent he summer of 1985 in Europe and someone turned me onto that band and that album! I second the Thanks for the Memories comment.
  11. It was just from memory but yup - bad year for the congregation good year for the undertaker.
  12. Smack water Jack he bought a shot gun cuz he was in the mood for a little confrontation he just let it all hang loose he didn't think about the noose and on the whole it was a very good year for the congregation .....
  13. "It takes a head to have a headache." or in response to "I'm thinking...." she would say "Beginner's luck!" She had more.