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  1. jdpml

    Everest Skydive

    The price is a reflection of the amount of work that goes into putting it together, getting there (no one gets on the mountain for free) and the logistical problems they have to deal with to make it work. Every "unique" skydive has a price,and this one does get used.And like any price they can "Seriously" charge , I guess the market will decide if it is right or not . Looks like a great time,everyone I know who has been rave's about it ,how many people have it in there logbook I wonder ?
  2. some years ago a friend of mine (t/i) was getting his passenger up the steps of a twin otter, we always say mind your head. She on the top step looked at the video guy and smashed her head on the bar as she got on. He sat down and got her belted in, then asked her how her head was. She replied that no one had ever complained. Thats a relaxed student.
  3. jdpml

    DZ nicknames

    At Zhills we had a guy called kickstart. Got that when he asked to borrow someones dirt bike. "you ridden one before dude, right" "Hell yeh, I am great on these things " "You sure,do you want me to start it ??? " "No, I know what I am doing, i'm not stupid " He then pulled up the kick stand and tried to kick it over with the GEAR SHIFTER TWICE Needless to say they don't start very well doing that !!!!! Repairs were needed,and he became kickstart (moron was already taken )
  4. A very sad day. Burt was one great person to be around and we looked forward to his visits to the big ways a couple of times a year in zhills. Always had a smile on his face and a great story to tell at the bar in the evening, not a bad bone in him. Truly a very sad day for anyone who new him,and a great loss for those who now never will get that pleasure. Thoughts go out to his family from ours. Paul &Tracey
  5. jdpml

    Zephyrhills early march ?

    Should be 75+ during the day and 60s overnight as a guess. The weather forecast with 100% accuracy has not been released yet :))) Hope to see you at the hills. paul