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  1. That's how it works , your getting off gets you a free jump , the team can afford to do that , and you go enjoy it . Two for the price of one , nice . Most people I have seen that happen to have been pretty cool about it , where I am , If manifest gets it wrong ( and that's rare ) we buy you a jump.when you have 3 aircraft flying , and you try to get on the wrong one , your fault , welcome to experience.😎
  2. Guess it was his " Last Christmas "
  3. If you went around Florida , most of the DZ's will have a record of you jumping , contact them . You could renew your USPA membership , that will have you licence numbers on it. Turning up at a DZ with a rig and a story , unless someone knows you , those days are gone. Did you ever jump at Zhills ? .
  4. Didn't buy it,he was stupid enough to leave it with me to be "valued" . I have no option but to return it when he comes back. The container is not airworthy , have not looked at the canopies yet.
  5. Yes sir, and any other source we could think of. Just a shot in the dark putting it up here.
  6. The way it came into my possession, and the action of the person giving it to me.
  7. Have a older style Javelin J4 Serial number 1217. All black, ROL . Probably stolen . If it is yours ( stolen a LONG time ago ) contact me. Thanks, Paul.
  8. The price is a reflection of the amount of work that goes into putting it together, getting there (no one gets on the mountain for free) and the logistical problems they have to deal with to make it work. Every "unique" skydive has a price,and this one does get used.And like any price they can "Seriously" charge , I guess the market will decide if it is right or not . Looks like a great time,everyone I know who has been rave's about it ,how many people have it in there logbook I wonder ?
  9. Would love to know the experience of both jumpers, and who thought this was a good idea .
  10. Truly ten years, two such great people. Feels so much fresher in our minds. Gone yes,forgotten no.
  11. July 4th , we are jumping as normal , and at the end of the day we have live music from Johnny Shelton (America's got talent) who has been great when playing here before and a huge firework display at 9 pm. Swoop display from some great swoopers prior to sunset. Ribs and Chicken available if your hungry , bar open until were done. Should be a great day.
  12. Oregon State Beavers at USC Trojans Sat, Sep 27, 2014 NCAA Got to love some beaver against a trojan. :-)))))
  13. If I felt the need to find a stolen bike ,first thing I would do is steal it and hide it somewhere I cannot forget :-) Sorry about your bike Nataly , they will get there Karma later. Be good. Paul
  14. The solo guy for not staying away from the tandem. You have to explain that statement,the lower canopy (in to the wind or not) has to avoid the higher canopy ?
  15. I would be very happy if people would STOP posting names of people who have been injured (extent unknown) until the family could be contacted and informed. With the social media we have now it is so easy to get this info out there (even if you don't know the extent of the injuries) and start the snowball that runs off. This is to help people do the right thing,get the info to the people who deserve to know first,and not let there son/daughter/wife/husband/mother/father find it on facebook/DZ.com/twitter ect. I know this would take a bit of self control , but as a group I think we have that. Not asking for a news hold,just time to get to the right people , and do what i ( and hopefully all of us) think is the right thing . And when you post a lot,fill in your profile, sick of Mr no name posting stuff and then not answering the PM sent. Yes it was a name. This bothers me a lot, Hope that someone agrees, if not flame away. Paul.