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  1. icevideot

    Lens comparison photos with CX100

    Maybe the link will work now?
  2. If you update your profile with jump #s canopy/wl etc you will get better advice. It is a great, somewhat older compilation of experts discussing malfunctions/responses. It is complete with video of both. I have still never seen a picture of a line over or down plane that do them justice. Malfunctions are dynnamic. I like this video better than all the beerlight discussions a lot of info comes from. Verify hearsay with instructors, etc that you know and trust.
  3. icevideot

    Now I've done it!!

    I have never visited your site before but it seems full of info. I will have to spend some time filtering through it. Thanks
  4. icevideot


    Welcome to the lovely world of skydiving.
  5. icevideot

    HMA Lines FAQ

  6. icevideot

    BAD service from Paragear

    Your profile doesn't say where you are but have you called them and spoken to someone on the phone. I like to shop online but they have been very helpful when I have phoned them. Sorry to hear you are having trouble but I expect they will fix it. Good luck, Robin
  7. icevideot

    Ways to modify dive loops...

    I use a little trick Scott Miller showed me. I fold the dive loops the opposite way when I pack them. For instance, if the lay flat toward the 3 ring the way mine want to I fold them up and make them stay there as I stow the risers. Once trained like that they pop out from the riser under canopy and are very easy to grab. He said they may get used to laying in the new position and I may need to fold them the other way for a while but that hasn't happened yet. I have been doing it about 400 jumps or so. Oh, and its free.
  8. icevideot

    Installing Rawa camera box

    I would go down a little farther in the forums and post this under Skydiving Disciplines: Photography and Video . I know I see some of the same people here but you may get that special tip you are looking for there. I have never dealt with a Rawa but I do like to mock things up as much as I can before I start drilling or cutting. You also want to do all work on carbon fiber away from your cameras. The dust and tiny fibers are said to be conductive and can get inside and trash electronics. I do all that in the driveway so I know it won't hang around the house and clean it well before I stick my camera back in. Take your time and you will be fine. edited because of missing words