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  1. Here is a bump for what is going to be another great boogie! I am looking forward to seeing many of you there and having some great skydives! Cheers. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  2. +1 "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  3. As a videot and not a tandem master I will offer a tidbit here. On landing if you get you feet and knees up for landing you should be fine even if overloaded. Your goal here should be to keep your feet out of the way and slide on your butt if there is still speed after the flare. Let the TI time it out and deal with the results. Most tandem injuries I see come from students trying to stop the planet with their feet with another grown person and 50ish lbs of gear on their back. You will have a blast. Do yourself a favor and get the video. You can only have one FIRST skydive. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  4. One use of the diving exit is to join a group that has already left the plane. In that case, heading control will greatly impact how quickly and efficiently you can locate the group and move to join them. My guess would be that the instructor just wanted to give you an accurate assessment of the jump for you to build from. Don't look at logs as report cards. They are more for your use, and initially for your instructors to help steepen your learning curve. As an instructor, if the 15 degree rotation on the dive is the worst thing logged, I know you had a truly exceptional dive. Don't be so hard on yourself and congrats on a nice dive. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  5. The responses have been good but I want to weigh in on one point. (sorry for the pun) Just to be clear, the weight restrictions and associated concerns have less to do with the gear actually failing than with narrowing the margin for pilot error. New skydivers have to learn and we all make mistakes early on. The larger gear is intended to give you more room to screw up without getting hurt. What this means to you is that you need to be sure you understand what is expected of you very clearly. Practice until it is truly automatic. Piloting experience will be a huge help in the landing but you need to be proficient with the PLF and be ready to do so on every landing. It is easy to transition from feet and knees together and slightly bent to a stand up but if you are not already in that position, you will likely hit the ground before you are. You will just have to put on your big boy pants and understand the consequences of screwing up. There is no reason you shouldn't be fine as long as you really apply yourself. Good luck and have fun. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  6. I think if we are going to include military static line numbers we should include BASE numbers as well. Neither are all that similar to the skydives I do. Just my opinion mind you. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  7. Yeah but she provided a "clicky"..... Everyone loves clickys "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  8. Thanks for the answer and that is a great deal! Of course there is absolutely NO WAY I am going to do a hop n pop at 14k this weekend
  9. There are DZs all around me closing for the chilly weekend. How much are hop-n-pops at the Farm this weekend? "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  10. This is aimed at jf951 and not JD but wouldn't things like starting with caps and using apostrophes and such be considered grammar as well. The funny thing is it took me a couple of seconds looking at the OP to decide what this guy is even complaining about. It is supposed to get to about 37 or so here and I think I may find something else to do. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  11. I am thinking you didn't see him in costume and make up then. He is nice enough but that is only scratching the surface of Bolas. I can't believe I typed that "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  12. Jumps 1 through 9 from an Otter (probably super) in Sebastian from Skydive Chicago. Thanks guys. 1-7 were for my first swoop comp and 8 and 9 were coach Eval dives done as a favor for a friend of a friend (now my new friend) also in Sebastian. I love that place. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  13. Did the guy with the cutaway ever find his main? I hope so but I never heard. Thanks for a great first meet by the way. I look forward to the next one. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  14. I think I understand your position but still don't like trying to bully anyone into jumping in a situation they choose not to. One of my favorite sayings is "Whatever you do, I'll be fine." I say that because I knowingly choose my own level of risks and I encourage others to do likewise. Seek out knowledgable sources and learn all you can about this sport. That is the only way you can make your own informed choices. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  15. I see in your profile you are a pig farmer. I recommend keeping a close eye on any you bring with you! (See Andy, I didn't single you out) "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  16. Hi ghost, I am responding to your post because I think you have done a great job explaining that you will consider jumping without an AAD but usually would not do it. "ALL SKYDIVERS ARE DEVICE DEPENDENT!" At least you are if you want to jump again. Parachutes are devices as well. If you were training and the only rig available was a well built BASE rig that is safe in freefall but only has one canopy, would you jump? Mains usually open just fine. If we were on some Carribean Island with no known regulations (or risk to the pilot and dz) I would probably keep jumping. Should I then call you people out as being device dependent? I believe the correct answer is no. You all get to choose your own limits. I get to choose whether I stay on a team with you. If you don't want to drive a car without airbags, that is your choice as well. I just hope you get where you want to be. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  17. When I was researching this I read from a couple of sources that I can't remember now that the adapter ring makes the view a little wider. I can't attest to this personally because I have not tried to use a ring just as a spacer to see what changed. Maybe someone else knows more firsthand. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  18. I bought my wife an awesome pair of Liguid Sky swoop pants that match her tricked out mirage to a T. She doesn't really swoop yet but she does jump a Crossfire 89 at about 1.6:1 so they kind of work. ;-) "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  19. ... AAD's are adjustable for student, tandem, and expert modes. As you gain more experience, you'll be shown how to adjust an AAD's modes (assuming you jump with one). I would like to clarify. Only certain AADs have adjustments for those settings. I am content with the simplicity of the non-adjustable settings my Cypres uses. Instead of tampering with these altitudes, why not rehearse your procedures until they are as natural as breathing. (start under instructor supervision to be sure you are training correctly) This will increase the liklihood that you will avoid such a crisis and not depend on a handful of solder and circuits to save you. AADs are only there for imminent disaster in my opinion. I think the philosophy is sound. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  20. None of them. Slow down on your belly before deployment. If you can;t do that then throw out sub-terminal. "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  21. This is not usually rampant in skydiving from my observations. Thanks for the extra explaination by the way. Those stunts amaze me. For anyone suggesting these techniques: What I have observed is that if a jumper does not start with feet and knees together and has significant forward speed he is nearly doomed to "feet, knees, head" for his points of contact. That is assuming he even tries to "roll it out". Just my observations though. You could be special "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  22. I would find this to be more plausible if incident reports had not changed so many of my procedures and thought processes over the years. EG: slinks can break more easily than I would have thought possible so I inspect them more thoroughly Not all low turn fatalities happen on small, highly loaded canopies As well as too many small mistakes that you can get away with for years but now I know can possibly kill me I just don't buy the "smug" angle as it is applied here. (Not among skydivers with any time in the sport anyway) "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  23. I don't think Sangi is being disrespectful of his decision. He would just rather hear the reasoning from the person in question. You may know him well enough to speak for him but I am more curious what his reasons are than what yours would be. If this subject hits a sore spot for you then I hope you get it worked out. Merry Christmas
  24. Any plans for a stripper pole? It can't hurt to ask can it? "... this ain't a Nerf world."
  25. What is this corn you speak of? As long as you don't damage a fence getting out of the field around here, most folks are very nice. The Mcnasty's are what they are and that is universal but you do make a good point. Always be very nice, friendly, and courteous to the landowners and don't damage anything you can help. Remember you are a guest that they did NOT invite but it doesn't mean they won't be glad you are safe. "... this ain't a Nerf world."