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  1. Dennis Anderson at Skydive Spaceland is a master rigger and AFAIK he did all the mods on the rigs there (exclusively SIGMA). He should be able to help out no problem. If you need a number you can check out the Skydive Spaceland website. If you need me to PM it to you, let me know. I just don't know if posting it would be construed as "advertising." The number is readily available though.
  2. Nice....me likey.....Welcome!
  3. nbblood

    Wing loading question..

    Well, that's a loaded question that is open to a lot of subjectivity. What is high performance and at what wing loading is "high performance" achieved? There's just not a black and white answer. Also, 1.2 wingloading on a 190 is NOT the same as a 1.2 winloading on a 107. Some people believe below a particular canopy size it is considered high performance regardless of wingloading. But, that' said, I don't think 1.2 at your canopy size would be considered high performance. But that's just my opinion. Keep in mind you can easily kill yourself by screwing up on a "non-high performance" canopy, even at much lighter wingloadings than yours......or any wingloading for that matter.
  4. Spectre, Sabre2, Pilot, Safire2 would be decent choices. Now I'll say what you'll undoubtedly hear a dozen times in the next few minutes......Get them and DEMO them! Decide for yourself.
  5. It's been a while since I was in the area, but last I knew Missouri River Valley Skydivers allowed students that were 16 and over with parental consent. There are a few DZs around that do, MRVS is the one that I believe does in that area. Call and check with them.
  6. Did you mean a highly loaded cross-braced canopy as opposed to a highly cross-braced canopy? Not sure if loading has anything to do with your question, but I think it does. Anyway that may clarify your question. I'm not sure what you mean if you really are taling about highly cross-braced canopies. As opposed to not highly cross-braced? I guess one could make an argument that a Neos is less than highly cross-braced, but I think you see my point. I'm not trying to be a smart-ass, just trying to help clarify the question. I'm interested in the answers myself.
  7. nbblood

    Dropzone closest to Omaha?

    I believe the closest one would be Lincoln Sport Parachute Club. http://www.skydivelspc.com/
  8. nbblood

    Quesion's about Javelin J4 C-17 harness

    I'm 5'11" and 180. I've had 3 custom Javelins and they are C-17 harnesses. It will probably be a little long on you, but would probably be OK. I've had people that are 5'5" and 160 use mine and it's fine. Not perfect but pretty good. A lot depends on your particular body structure.
  9. nbblood

    Christmas Boogies!!????

    Holiday Boogie at Eloy is where I'd go.
  10. I got an email from the same address that's about the same. Here's a copy of the email:
  11. nbblood

    First time jumpin

    Awesome, congrats! Who did you jump with? I work at Spaceland on the weekends. See you this weekend?
  12. nbblood

    selling/buying rigs online

    I've bought and sold several rigs online and have never had any significant issues. I've used various methods to protect both parties. If I have a potential buyer that is not comfortable sending money up front, I'll ship to a reputable DZ so he/she can inspect the gear. While I'm making arrangements with the DZ I also check on the individual to ensure that he/she is trustworthy. I've never had a problem with that. Some buyers have contacted my DZ to see if I'm reputable and I actually very much encourage that because I know what the result will be. I also encourage skeptical buyers to contact others I have sold gear to. I've never ripped anybody off and never been ripped off, but I do a little research and encourage buyers to do the same. These days you can't be too careful, but you can still conduct business and be comfortable with it.
  13. nbblood

    Skyfest Peeps...

    You will be ok with an A license. However, some of the specialty loads (helicopter, balloon, biplane) require a B license, so if you can get it done that's even better. You'll still have plenty of opportunities with an A license though. There are several people flying in and I'm sure it won't be that big of a deal to get a ride from the airport. As it gets a little closer I'm sure we'll figure out who's picking up who. I will come pick you up personally if nobody else is going to be around at that time, so don't sweat that. Glad you're coming. You'll have a great time!
  14. nbblood

    Wings Colors - Need Opinions (Vol 2)

    I like that. Looks like something I'd order. Very nice.
  15. nbblood

    katana lines

    They've got HMA lines now. If you send it in for a reline they will put HMA lines on it.