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  1. Jimmy? Jimmy Coiner? The Midwest FreeFly LEGEND?! My pants just fell off! Can't wait to see you, my ole Blur Teammate! I've missed you so much!
  2. sorry to Brad Pitt as we ran out of time. jk. I gasp at Stump's joke - - say around 50:30 on show #131. LOL, Nick golfs, but it doesn't mean he can't fall.....
  3. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH BAAAAAAAAABY! Jello is enroute! I'm soooooooo super stoked, what a fun fun fun boogie this is going to be. kudos to Redemption Boogie, Team Flew-id - as well as confirms the travel plans for Dave and Karry. I really really really really hope we can get 1/2 of the dives that I've been dreaming of!!! CAN'T WAIT!
  4. and now I am so going to be a tool and post twice in a row - -again. I just got word that not only are Dave and Karry Schwartz making a guest appearance at Redemption Boogie Wed/Thurs only - - they are bringing their boss too. Yup, early arrivals to Redemption, hook up with Skydive Chicago's Rook Nelson. aaawwwwwhhhh - it's like everything is coming together in NE..... as it should cuz it's like the middle of the US - - - - 2 SDAZ planes SVCO rock star organizers/coaches!! Team Flew-id from MN SDC guest appearance and all you fine jumping buddies KS,MO,IA,AZ,FL..... You Complete Redemption Boogie
  5. it's official, I can't sleep, well I can, but it's all very active crazy skydiving dreams - - - TOTALLY stoked for the jumps this year! AND - -Lori - I just ordered the JELLO! The wrestling is ON!
  6. but wait - - THERE'S MORE!!!! Karl & Merriah Eakins have put Redemption Boogie on their calendar! no joke, we're talking SUPER AWESOME JUMPS! Pink Mafia during the day - Fire spinnin at night - You won't know unless you show! ---- I feel some bigger ways coming on - - - free-fly! Did anyone mention $20 jumps?! HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 2 otters, $20 jumps and a TON OF FUN to be had!
  7. but wait - - - - -THERE'S MORE!!! Skyventure CO going to be in there doing coach-jumps and organizing!!!! Don't know if you are a rookie er what - but here's the deal - THEY ROCK! We have a riot with them, skilled in all disciplines they tear up the sky and offer pointers across the board!
  8. if there happened to be JELLO WRESTLING - would you bring a pink suit too? There's talk - - - we need people willing to roll around - what's the use of gallons of jello with no one in it wrestling?
  9. LOL - wow, I've seen some of the pics of people at Walmart - - I am so not cutting all my hair off except for a rat-tail. What activities are we thinking for Saturday night? This will help the dicision between jeans and sweats...
  10. Ahh so I've been in the desert too long. What does one wear to be redneck? Daisy dukes?
  11. Whoa, lay it all out there. I bet you put out on the first date too. I kid I kid.
  12. just saw the "official" - - - this year at Redemption Boogie - - chances to break the NE POPS record! It was so cool last year, Jerry Eddens and Mark Farrell are going to get it going again! I'm pretty sure there are people that have hit 40 in the last year - - get your POPS membership and come jump!
  13. omigosh omigosh, it's almost here! Redemption Boogie!!! July 15-18 2, count 'em 2 SDAZ OTTERS!!!! I can't wait to get in the sky with a whole lotta midwesterners!!! for more details.
  14. I'll probably get another thread going so the title/dates are correct - - - - FYI - - REDEMPTION BOOGIE 2010 IS SO HAPPENING!!! JULY 15-18 !!!!!!! 2 - count 'em 2 of SDAZ's Super Otters !!!!!!! SkyVenture CO 2 nights of excellent food - we're talking award winning smoked meat, more to come.... Oh yeah - and totally watch for our ad in Parachutist and Blue Skies - - - I have a feeling you are going to love it!