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  1. jimmytavino

    What was your safest parachute?

    An RW Challenger 240.... made by New England Parachute Co.
  2. jimmytavino

    Are the cameramans in danger of extinction?

    Excellent, DougH....
  3. jimmytavino

    Are the cameramans in danger of extinction?

    Can't we Do Both ??? Much easier, with a turbine dropzone, since there are More slots in the plane.... A C182 DZ,,,much simpler to manifest Two TMs, and 2 First timers, right??? Rather than the tandem Trio and a Solo....... If the marketing is good and the student is made Aware of the Options, then Both, would make sense. As for added cost???? Ah Hell just convince 'em to swipe a charge card....
  4. Don't we have to go through this every year? Rick, if you don't come, you're going to break Bradley's heart. He loves hanging at the Muff Trailer and eating your pretzels! Exactly...... what Miss Mama has SAID !!!!! Plus,,,, we Gotta Have the Mobile Muff Machine,, On site.... Rick,,,,, if you have Other matters of Pressing Importance... I suppose we'll have to deal with that... But IF that is the situation,,,, At least,,,,,, Please Send Deb !!!!! jimmy
  5. Assuming the jumper COULD don the rig AND exit OK..... then Yes. He or She WILL "LAND the Parachute " .... Gravity will see to THAT..... Now , Whether that landing will be upwind, downwind or crosswind is anyones guess....If the uninitiated person does Any sort of "toggle whipping " chances go Up that the Landing will be rough.... Unclear terrain.... the landing will be rough.... Open fields ??? Maybe survivable...... A round "emergency " Main. and the realization to "drop and roll" could improve the chances of NOT getting Killed " !!! Nasty Scenario, in Any Case.....
  6. jimmytavino

    Lost art of flat packing

    definitely Yes. to packing tabs My clouds All had them The RW Challenger(s) which I jumped for over 1,200 jumps... Malfunction - Free, had them and when I changed mains to The PD Spectre(s) about 15 years ago,,,, I was happy to see That THEY also had them... This gave me some silly sense of assurance, that it WAS OK to continue packing as I always had... Plus ,,, in a world of all too frequent conformity, I Like being Different jmytavino
  7. jimmytavino

    Lost art of flat packing

    I have been safely flat packing, since my first "square jumps " in 1974... and since I bought a second hand Cloud,,, in 1979..... STILL Do... I carry a packing mat AND drag mat with me, and set up in a shady area, soas to "not intrude " on the regular packing mat... Yes I Do "Move " my mat around, as the sun overtakes any Early morning Shady spot... thousands of pack jobs.... Just as quick as PRO Packers, and often quicker..
  8. jimmytavino

    Cheapest DZ in the dallas area

    I truly send you Good Wishes in your start to a skydiving career...
  9. jimmytavino

    Nailing “The Most Technical Demo Jump in Skydiving”

    I and Nancy And our Son had the Pure Pleasure to attend a Broncos game in Dec of 2014...!!!! They were playing the Buffalo Bills !!!! Unaware that a demo was to occur, we were very EXCITED when we saw the King Air and then canopies !! Our seat were literally 4 rows from the top edge of the Stadium with the huge scoreboard to our left!!! Watching this team Dive !! >> one after the other and spiral and complete each flight, to a great landing was a Huge charge for the entire crowd. My thoughts were " 99 % of these fans have NO Clue..... of the complexity of what they just Saw " !!! Hahahaha But WE DID..... It was one for MAny wonderful occurences during our trip to Colo...Great article, thanks for the solid explanation of Team Thunderstorm. p.s. Peyton beat the Bills that day but not by ,AND the Bills defense managed to break his " multi-season string of at least one touchdown pass, per Game " !! ;-)
  10. jimmytavino

    Who is it?

    based on what I have read and photos I can remember... I will say Bob Sinclair...Cross pull on his arm...the gear, the confidence to fly That Helmet.... and what little can be seen of his face,,, Looks to me like a younger version of the pleasant and interesting guy that a shared a conversation with, a few years ago, while On a DZ...... Any other suggestions??? from forum readers??? jmy
  11. jimmytavino

    Weekday at the Ranch?

    while I don't visit NEARLY enough.. (300 mile drive each way ) I would guess that at this time of the year...there would be a good amount of activity... and Many people would be there.... waiting for YOU to show Up !!
  12. jimmytavino

    Insuring your rig?

    hmmmm we got a state farm Life Ins. policy on me... which COVERS me, in the event of any skydiving related "loss" So it's funny to read that your agent says they don't wish to be "associated with skydiving".. they've been cashing OUR ( substantial ) premium payments for years... Had a video camera covered under Homeowners, when it got smashed during a "zero G " situation.. With the cost of todays gear.. ( MY rig is worth MORE than my Van ) ( which ain't sayin' Much ) it sure does make Sense to find coverage in the event of a lost cutaway main and freebag AND of course against theft... Check your auto insurance to be sure that any theft from your car.... is covered.... and/or fire. It may be a good idea to alert them to the (approximate ) Value of the gear...at some point so there are fewer issues, IF ever you used the insurance. good luck.
  13. jimmytavino

    New Skydiver from CT

    GOOD for you..... worry NOT what your family thinks....it's Not easy to explain the allure of the sport. Glad to see that you're at The Ranch...Great people great staff Great airplanes... When you drive there from CT. do you drive past Brewster NY ? I grew up there and still have lots of family members in that town... OK i guess since i have YET to "grow Up " i should revise my words and say,, " I was a KID there " ,, in the 50s and 60s " jmy
  14. jimmytavino

    old dropzone brat from past

    hello Alright then,,, tell us the road.... on which those DZ were located !! I logged MAny jumps there...MANY ( at BOTH places...often on the SAME day !!)
  15. jimmytavino

    % of tandem to AFF?

    just a guess....but IF they did the T 1 out of a Cessna, i'd say UNDER 5 % ... and that would be for Starting AFF...EARNING an A License..??? the number will be Lower... imho. IF the T1 was out of a turbine.... and IF the AFF will be out of a turbine... then maybe the numbers go UP a little. BUT just guessing.... It would be interesting to see some actual, accurate numbers from DZOs and or manifest staff....because my reply (admittedly ) is just a guess.... jmy