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  1. if i ever saw the bridle Under the bottom skin ??? And the Pilot chute UP and Over The leading edge ??? 3 words >> Peel and Pull ;-) No toggles no rears, chop and reserve. This sounds like one of those pictures which students were shown,,, While In a Hanging Harness !!! " Under a Reserve " beats a lot of other scenarios. This jumper handled it well.
  2. The folks who had been "operators" of the DZ are no longer in the picture . However LONG Time airport OWNER and Original DZO John King, Still owns the place, Still calls the shots, Still has a dedicated following of certain staff members and Fun Jumpers. The airport has always Been and Still IS a DZ.. J.King simply stayed busy with Other things, and "subbed Out" the Running of the skydiving part to others... Word through the grapevine IS of the Likelihood that a C206 will soon offer the opportunity once again , for jumpers to Enjoy the Great views and Good Vibes of a Skydiving Venue with 40+ years of Parachuting History. So No worries, wmw999 jimmytavino in Rochester. :-)
  3. Remember there is a Big Difference between Coasting through 3,500 feet AT Terminal, and Exiting @ 3,500 feet.... It takes a while to build up some airspeed and therefore "start Booking through your airspace " When you Leave a Plane, as compared to BEING In Freefall … from a Higher Altitude.. ;-) We used to " get Out " at 2,800 ft. ..... 2,500 ft...... No worries.... Sometimes lower, IF we ran into the ceiling.... ONLY condition.... Don't DO 15 or 20 seconds, from a Low exit..... ;-)
  4. Hello To ALL..... Just checked in here, to find this thread.....Thanks to Each of your for your posts and good wishes......The worst Is now Over. I was discharged on Oct 20th.. " They turnt me Loose " " said I was Well " …. And I AM.... I had gone to Skydive The Falls on Saturday September 14th and after a bit of a wind hold it calmed down and they started sending up loads. I enjoyed a Nice 2 way from 12 grand with a long time buddy....The view of Niagara Falls during the climb to altitude was Fantastic . While Packing my rig afterwards, I found it to Be, a bit of an effort.. and I had to stop 3 times and sit to rest...… Hmmmm. Got home that night and was just feeling wrung out... No real pain, no numbness, but I felt lousy..It was around 10 or 11 pm and Nancy had already gone to sleep. I saw NO value in waking her and having her SIT in an E R waiting room, wondering and Waiting,,,, so I wrote her a note , left it where she could Easily Find it. and said " I am going to the hospital " Got there in a few minutes because it is only a couple of miles away. It was NOT busy and they took me in quickly. They did an EKG on me. and the next thing I knew they were calling for an anesthesiologist AND a surgeon !! Yikes !!!! Well they did a big time bypass on me , had me on a heart pump and a respirator throughout... I was out of it for a few days... and feel terrible about putting my FAmily through those first few days, post Op... I got great care from the doctors and nurses and a few in particular were top shelf, in their encouragement and insistance that I "get UP and get Moving"... I was walking around and improving each day, by about 2 weeks post op and little by little they removed the trach... and the drainage apparatus and the nasal feeding tube and got me back onto swallowing and a bit of a sense of normalcy... I have been Home now for 10 days or so, and I am pain free and no longer need the walker I had been using. Kind of glad we are coming into the end of the year as I am on a hiatus from work and will be doing Physical therapy and building up my appetite the next few weeks. I lost 22 pounds and was Under 170, for the first time since high school..... Anyway things are improving. I am proud that I Did NOT ignore my sense of malaise and instead sought medical care...... I was told I was getting close to a cardiac arrest..... Follow your instincts my Friends No One is bulletproof and certain issues CAN sneak Up on us... I feel blessed that in addition to Great Friends and Family, I also have a Guardian Angel or Two... sitting on my shoulders... Thanks skymama,,, for initiating this thread. I am glad that I checked in here,,, to Find it.... skydive often, skydive safely, skydive with friends . jimmytavino uspa # 9452 A3914 D12122
  5. Answer..... Insignificant !!!! (when compared to the Cost of Staying On the Ground ,,,,, when you Really NEED some altitude ) .........
  6. It was 1972. I had never been in ANY airplane before.... So I was a 19 year old,,,,,just Looking for an Airplane Ride.... I was a sophomore at a College which HAD a "skydiving Club " .. 50 bucks got me ALL my training, my lift ticket, Gear, logbook and 1st Jump Certificate. I Really Enjoyed it, and since my next 4 static line jumps were only 10 dollars Each, I stayed with it.... Once I got to Freefall a jump at 3 grand cost me 3 Bucks, and 5 bucks, got us 7 - Five !!! Seldom went above That and so building freefall time was Slow Slooooow... Anyway, here I Am almost 47 years later, Not as active as I MAY have been in certain years PAst,,, but still Current, still safe, still " getting to the DZ " as often as I can. Lots of Good times , Great memories, Fantastic Skydives..... I Have made and Kept, MANY friends with whom I share a Love of the Sky... jmy... A 3914 NSCR 1817 " Skydive Often, Skydive Safely, Skydive with Friends "
  7. I have been paying attention to Elizabeth Warren for a few years Now,,, I first saw her on some TV News programs and immediately thought that she was smart, and articulate and strong in her convictions. She seemed to be railing against Corporate Inequality regarding workers pay vs. CEOs pay. Seemed to be for the Blue collar types, the hard working citizens who BUILT this country, and seemed to be working for some Fairness.... What difference ?? concerning her Heritage ? I have no reason to doubt her, after ALL, SHE has known her Family History her Whole Life...Those who bring it UP in a Contentious and demeaning way... are simply being partisan and are trying to Deflect attention from her sensible behavior.... I have learned NOT to trust most of these "Special Interest " claims and attacks... So unproductive and further evidence of a " smoke & Mirrors " approach to FAR too many issues.... I am neither democrat , nor republican, as BOTH parties have been disappointing to me, for Decades. I Will continue to Listen to What She has to say,,, and weigh things , rationally... I would prefer Ms. Warren to Joe Biden,,,, ANY day..and Certainly to HRC.... I wonder just How, the voting public might respond to a Warren - Sanders Ticket,,,, OR to a Sanders - Warren Ticket ??? any ideas ?? jmy in Rochester..
  8. An RW Challenger 240.... made by New England Parachute Co.
  9. Can't we Do Both ??? Much easier, with a turbine dropzone, since there are More slots in the plane.... A C182 DZ,,,much simpler to manifest Two TMs, and 2 First timers, right??? Rather than the tandem Trio and a Solo....... If the marketing is good and the student is made Aware of the Options, then Both, would make sense. As for added cost???? Ah Hell just convince 'em to swipe a charge card....
  10. Don't we have to go through this every year? Rick, if you don't come, you're going to break Bradley's heart. He loves hanging at the Muff Trailer and eating your pretzels! Exactly...... what Miss Mama has SAID !!!!! Plus,,,, we Gotta Have the Mobile Muff Machine,, On site.... Rick,,,,, if you have Other matters of Pressing Importance... I suppose we'll have to deal with that... But IF that is the situation,,,, At least,,,,,, Please Send Deb !!!!! jimmy
  11. Assuming the jumper COULD don the rig AND exit OK..... then Yes. He or She WILL "LAND the Parachute " .... Gravity will see to THAT..... Now , Whether that landing will be upwind, downwind or crosswind is anyones guess....If the uninitiated person does Any sort of "toggle whipping " chances go Up that the Landing will be rough.... Unclear terrain.... the landing will be rough.... Open fields ??? Maybe survivable...... A round "emergency " Main. and the realization to "drop and roll" could improve the chances of NOT getting Killed " !!! Nasty Scenario, in Any Case.....
  12. definitely Yes. to packing tabs My clouds All had them The RW Challenger(s) which I jumped for over 1,200 jumps... Malfunction - Free, had them and when I changed mains to The PD Spectre(s) about 15 years ago,,,, I was happy to see That THEY also had them... This gave me some silly sense of assurance, that it WAS OK to continue packing as I always had... Plus ,,, in a world of all too frequent conformity, I Like being Different jmytavino
  13. I have been safely flat packing, since my first "square jumps " in 1974... and since I bought a second hand Cloud,,, in 1979..... STILL Do... I carry a packing mat AND drag mat with me, and set up in a shady area, soas to "not intrude " on the regular packing mat... Yes I Do "Move " my mat around, as the sun overtakes any Early morning Shady spot... thousands of pack jobs.... Just as quick as PRO Packers, and often quicker..
  14. I truly send you Good Wishes in your start to a skydiving career...
  15. Looks Like a StyleMaster... Center Pull...PC and Kicker Plate....
  16. Quote Nice Post... For Anyone who has ever enjoyed exiting a plane and Freefalling..... Try to Never say.. " My Last Jump / Skydive was..... " even IF it has been years ago or decades ago.... Instead try to say " My Most Recent Jump / Skydive was ..... " !!! See the difference?? jmyt
  17. So you might be thinking of, what was it, the jumper in NY state who fell to his death at low altitude while trying to close a Cessna door that had popped open. Yes.............. we lost a Good friend due to those circumstances..... although you are incorrect to use the words... "fell to his death ".. seat belts WERE in use. Those In the cabin remained so, as the plane encountered the trees. The Deceased was on life support for about 5 days... and then succumbed to his injuries .
  18. I've been deploying left handed for almost 12 years now... and was pleased to find that it easily and quickly became "2nd Nature " .. My rigger modified the spandex pouch changing the open end... bridle routing and protection was assured... and I Simply Changed....Cannot say that I ONE Time... reflexively " went for the hackey with my Right Hand "... I had my right shoulder dislocate immediately after a CASA Exit... as one of Our "Base 6 " managed to Snag some part of His harness on some part of the interior of the airplane... My exit slot was on the left side of the tailgate, backing off, facing In.. 2 friends to my right also backing off.....facing in. Then 3 others, lined up abreast, and facing Us... anyway. We were all double gripped on shoulder grippers and when WE went,,, The guy Facing me, didn't... as the exit flailed, I tossed off the grips. but the guy on My right shoulder clenched right onto to me and then back looped.......The rest of the skydive was Interesting anyway,, being the upbeat kind of guy I LIKE to be,,, I wasn't gonna let that injury nor the following surgeries Ground Me... Thanks to my friend who is a Rigger.... I can still " make a jump or two,,,," " every once in a while" ..
  19. i was 19 years and 3 months of Age... First parachute jump ( static line ) AND First Airplane Ride... I had almost 200 Take-OFFS in a Plane Before I had ONE Landing, in a Plane. it was 9-16-72... Tomorrow !!!! is my 45th "skyBirthDay " I think I will be AT One dropzone or another... jmy A 3914 D 12122
  20. A scenario YET to be mentioned here... and usually Only likely with a Cessna Top Hinged door..... Would be An Inadvertent Door Opening,,,, either by having the handle hit.... Or by failure of the side jamb Pins to Hold, maybe from Being NOT fully engaged...and occurring DURING the Take-Off Roll and while racing down the runway....... Such a sudden occurrence can create trouble.... Best, imho, for all Jumpers to remain still, remain calm,,,, NOT distract the PIC at this crucial moment... and To NOT attempt to reach Out ,,, in any sort of effort to CLose that door...... All jumpers need to sit tight....with all body parts remaining Inside the cabin.... and to note the need to " protect all Handles " Allow the Pilot to rotate , complete the Take-off, set the trim if needed, come Off the Flaps..... and THEN address the door issue.... Anything else can create an unsafe situation can distract the Pilot... and can in some cases lead to real trouble ..... Sit tight...await instructions from the Pilot.... Get safely OFF the ground,,,, and THEN deal with the door..
  21. thanks for the reminder of this sad and unneeded event... Anything from Take 0ff , til 1,500 feet is Serious business Best Procedure????... as George Carlin once put it. "You Get ON the Air Plane,,,, I am getting IN the AirPlane "... A Radial Engine Bi-Plane.... puts out Big time airflow... and at rotation speed would require Big Time MUSCLES.... in order to hold On.... bsbd
  22. Try your best to relax.... Do not think of things in terms of "Jumping Out a Door ".... Instead look at it in terms of "Jumping IN a Door " .. A Door to Freefall..... You Will have the proper gear,, pay attention to your instructors as they gear check you and RE-Assure you...prior to boarding and then Trust to working together as a team from climb-out , through the skydive, to a correct and timely deployment and then a safe and coordinated canopy flight,,, to a successful landing...Keep us posted... You Can do this...good luck....
  23. Hi Kevin !! back, many years ago, Mike made available "back issues" and offered,,, either the "first half of the total" OR the " 2nd half of the total... " I Bought and received the First Half,,,,, and have been kicking myself ever since,,, That I did NOT get them ALL..... anyway, If you have a particular issue, Month and year... I can see if it is among the ones I Have... The full cardboard box which he sent me,,,, ( and which Included 5 or 6 Tee Shirts, Which I Now cherish ) is safe and sound and on a shelf in my "gear closet " lemme know...and I Will Look... jimmy in Rochester....