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  1. 4.5 is considered high.
  2. Do all Russian cars have dash mounted cameras? If you watch the failed videos on youtube, they are all car crashes in the Easter Block
  3. Thanks for the reply. I know of a guy at my dz that glued it on.
  4. has anyone lost the gopro, when it is stuck on with the 3m tape only? I was just wondering how well it sticks to the helmet
  5. If they represent Red Bull, then complain to the company. The last thing they want is bad publicity. Make enough noise and they will fix the situation.
  6. I agree on not going to the ER when a urgent care facility would be cheaper, but I was at Skydive Chicago and developed a sinus infection. There were no immediate care facilities in the area. Your only choice was the hospital!
  7. ffp1974

    I am....

    My sister said I make love just like my daddy, I said that is what mommy said. lol
  8. If you are black and I say that " black man speaketh with forked tongue" about Obama. Do you find that offensive????
  9. But probably the trade it, would drop the price lower than a new Vigil. Plus Vigil is cheaper in the long run. FF
  10. My trusty AAD is ending its life cycle. What am I to do? Is there anyway to save this unit? Or has Cypres just nipped that in the bud? I know my next one will be a Vigil. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. How much did you make driving? They say one thing, I am just curious as to what a trucker, starting out really makes.