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  1. RIP Jimmy You are the reason I'm where I'm today BSBD Tom Kinn
  2. From the swoop crew in Virgina Beach, Suffolk, and Westpoint you will be missed partner Rest in peace
  3. Try pre-breathing your O2 system before the loads check your results,or do a hard day of jumping with out any O2 and then repeat that same amount of jumps the vary next day using pre-breathing or @ alt and see what the effects are and how you feel at the end of the day.
  4. I have used different types travelling and its all about what want or need to take. I used the pelican 1610 when I went to Cal. I fit my G-3, Optike, Alt, Jump suite, log book and PC-105. It ended up being a vary tight fit and everything had to be in the right position or it wouldn't close. I also just used the 1650 when I went to the PIA in Jacksonville tons of room fits everything the 1610 did and would have been able to fit at least my still + another jumpsuite and Helmet and not have to pack it like I am doing a reserve repack, but thiers a down side to going bigger. The weight was at 63lbs with out the extra stuff ,but I did notice the baggage handlers didn't have a problem getting everything back in with out messing things up too bad ,or you can just carry it on if your concerned about them screwing with your stuff just make sure you bring some extra cypres cord to tie your reserve closed if they decide to pop it . Peace!
  5. Having PD make your canopies was a great decision due to the outstanding facilities and their QA processes ,but only one concern which I have is with communication between the two companies. I ordered a canopy last year which took repeated calls to find out that it was done but never shipped out , and a couple of months later my buddy ordered one as well and ended finding out it did not getting made. All in all I'm having a blast with the one I got ,and very impressed with the way you built my buddies canopy your self due to the mix up. Showing me that I made the right decision getting one of your canopies. Thanks
  6. Was working in Pensacola, FL as a Lt. for Escambia County Fire & Rescue, Emt-B for Escambia County EMS, and Graduated Pensacola JC Paramedic school, now living in Virgina Beach, Va
  7. I have seen a clear main from Atair made out of some funky matiral ,but I wouldnt expect to see it any time soon for public use.