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  1. Please note that this is from an Australian Newspaper. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,20792598-421,00.html
  2. op5e

    Fatality in Norway

    Condolences to all.
  3. Just to point out. The police have a hard time enforcing groups picking on individuals as they have to consider their own safety. If you consider how many police they would need to safely tell a pack of people off its alot. For two cars of people they would need a number of patrol cars with at least two officers per car. Even rural parts have the issues, it just normally takes an event to bring it to the surface. Look at redfern, and it happened on one of the islands before. All the "wana be oz" you described are also important parts that has made this nation and our history. What has this government done to create fear and lothing? I personally believe the media has done most of this job.
  4. "Hey would you like to do some ground crew tonite?"
  5. op5e

    Lock Pick Kits

    http://www.lockpicking101.com/ Start at the above url. Under newbies there is an FAQs. There is also a large list of laws. Keep in mind USPS may have laws against sending these items. So even if you can buy it from a site legally, you still have to find out how they send it to you. Go to howstuffworks. Alot of larger kits will have repeats of the same thing. There are some raking kits that have heaps of different ones, but these are not commonly used. Normally 3 tools will get most done. Personally mech/elec tools are over rated. Just to explain what I mean by most. At a beginners skill level they will only be able to get into a number of different styles/quality of locks. You could get the best branded picks and they wont help you, only time/skill/lucky will. As said by others, I dont advicate ppl doing this stuff anywhere that laws do not allow. If ya still have questions PM me.
  6. Thanks to everyone for your quick and very helpful responses. Sorry I did not response sooner. I am currently booking flights to europe (in Aug). So I have a few more questions. If I spend a few hours with a coach in the tunnels in Europe compared to spending the same time in the American tunnels will my skill improve the same. Does anyone have any Tunnels they would recommend in Europe and coaches. Anyone that has flown in both the Europe tunnels and the main American ones care to comment. I guess i will have to sit down and draw up the pros and cons of the tunnels. I understand that some people may not wish to comment on these questions so feel free to PM me.
  7. Hi all, I have been browsing this forum for a little while, however I still have a few questions. More than likely I just missed the posts and if this is the case please feel free to tell me to search more. 1. Is there anywhere that has an easy table to look up prices. 2. When I have so little experience will a top coach really help. 3. How many hours should you do solo for. 4. Is there a minimum number of hours till, 4 ways 5. Is there a minimum number of hours till, ff 6. If I was there for 1-2 weeks whats the max # of hours I should aim at. Are there any other tips or tricks. Like 2 hours on 1 day off. Or is there any tips like 1 hour coach, 2 hours solo. Any non busy times where you will get better coaching. Any times of year to avoid. I am guessing these are frequently asked questions but I couldnt find them.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Found out that it cost $300 in airline taxes ontop of the ticket. This was kinda the icing. So I have decided not to go Insurance for 5 days is only about $67 through flight centre.
  9. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone is going to the New Caledonian boogie 6-12 Nov 2005. Looks like a great place to jump. Anyone got any suggestions on travel insurance for travelling overseas just to jump. If you have been to New Caledonia any tips with airlines or travel or any feedback at all. Sorry I can look alot of this up but its kinda short notice. This operation is under the FFP (French Parachute Federation) but they allow people to jump as long as you are a member of your home countries federation. Any idea what a B license in France is. http://cepnc.skydiveworld.com/eagenda.html http://www.newcaledoniatourism-south.com/home.cfm http://www.aircaledonieholidays.com/Map.htm
  10. :24:1 Jumps since the previous weekend. First canopy course. Was awsome being involved in peoples last jump for their b license. Was hoping for more jumps but due to weather and travelling lots I will have to wait till next weekend for my 100th.
  11. Read into it what you will. But I was more referring to the comments by the authorities. At least it was not a total plug for these chutes and the article recognised that some skill is required. He said a parachutist could fly "right into the tram wires and the overhead power lines and any firefighting activities that might be going on down in the street".
  12. Why do skydiving helmets not have more padding? Having one large impact could mean you have to considering replacing the helmet. With the people who use mountain bike helmets, have you had any hard knocks on the head and still jump the same helmet? It would be nice to know how much different (say) a motorbike helmet is in terms of safety and why skydiving does not use this technology. Or is the skydiving helmet suitable for a majority of the knocks we expect to obtain? Its 2am im blabbering so im going to bed now.
  13. Another article about escape chutes. Alot of good points. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,16842761-2,00.html