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  1. Wow, I feel short-changed here. I just found the few messages between Steve and I on here. As you can see, I don't visit DZ.com much. He sounded fun and seemed unique, a sub-set of a sub-set in another sub-set of people. We never met. He was gone the year I attended F&D. He found me somehow through an Atlantis Events gay cruise forum. I found it striking how similar some of our situations were, age, relationship, date began jumping, etc. What a pisser this is for everyone. I have been told numerous times regarding untimely deaths of young people that the brightest stars burnout the fastest, a statement that always leaves me pondering. I logged on one day to a new message out-of-the-blue from a Steve I never knew I'd like to share. I found it genuinely humerous. An excerpt that went like this: Well Mark, I can't say the same as you about losing friends and acquaintances in sport. Over the 17 years, literally dozens are now gone between plane crashes and other messed up crap. I'm really surprised this is your first. It won't be your last. I'll try not to make it your next. Peace.
  2. Wow. saw on someone's facebook page. unfuckingbelievable
  3. Ray, I was here when Tom got your call. Yes there is a long, stupid history of local politics in KC from a few limp dicks. I assure you this bozo was trying to stir up shit with an empty threat. I reside on this airport. Between Tom, myself and our staff, someone is here virtually 24/7/365 and in typical Midwest form, we're heavily armed, LOL. Your concern for your $1.5 million aircraft is understood and it will be absoleutley safe here, however, I must mention that we do have "tornader's" in the Midwest. While MRVS welcomes virtually anyone, the few persons over the years that have created trouble for MRVS or have been asked to take their drama and themselves elsewhere do know not to come creeping up on Mr. Dolphin, his facilities, or be found skulking around here at any time up to no good. We have an extraordinary staff and group of jumpers here that will respectfully enjoy this opportunity given by you, even if it rains , and will be vigilant. I hope this helps. All the best, Don
  4. Hope and pray this doesn't happen or you can say goodbye to the Skyvan and possible 300 series Otters as well as some Grand Caravans and of course all specialty aircraft like the DC9 jet at Perris, which is likely done anyway due to other issues.
  5. Attached are photos of the aircraft that will be here. It is coming from Skydive Spaceland in Texas on its way back to Wisconsin. I know the pilot and he will basically be "stopping by" here on way home so that is why no ferry fee BUT make it worth his while. He's wayyyy cool dude and excellent pilot!
  6. I would like to echo those thoughts. I only got to spend a short time at Skydive Tahoe. I will say that everyone there was very hospitable. I tend to connect with people I like rather quickly. I could tell Wes was one of those people that was full of life and truly uninhibited and totally accepting of people for who they are. To Aja, Billy, Mike the pilot, and Jason (I believe it was, terrible on names) and all the people at Skydive Tahoe, I offer my sincere condolences for your loss. It has been a tragic week. I would like to share just a few pix from my short trip there. All da best, Don
  7. Hey yu'all, Don from KC/Dallas. This was a phat time for me. Thanks for the great dives. I really learnt alot from some cool dudes! Goodbye to all those that bailed before i got to say, "hey."
  8. Hell yea! After being broke into 6 times recently in 7 weeks between two different vechiles outside my business and loft and broke into business in shitbag Dallas, TX (glass and concrete armpit), FUCK YEA, blow them THE FUCK AWAY. And it is mostly illegal mex. Fuck them! Throw them out!!!. The cops even said it is them mostly doing it and Dallas is a sanctuary city which is BS. BMV (breaking in Motor Vehicle) in Dallas is only a misdemeanor, what a crock. They put em out on the street next morning and they free to go out and do it over and over again because there is no where to keep them locked up, too many for ICE to deport so I say shoot there asses off! Lonmg live the NEW Castle Doctrine!
  9. jeff, got the suit! man is it pretty. for some strange reason, even with 2 10meg cameras, it looks blue in photos. it is very purple in person. looks really nice. anyway, i just got to do 3 jumps on it and it is soooo much bigger than my Firebird-R and so much heavier but I only got a little more time in FF. I was not trying that hard though and did some practice pulls and opened a lil higher each time than in my Firebird-R. it did take me awhile to ever get 2 minutes out of that lil Firebird-R. I saw someone that weighs 10 lbs more than me on here say they were getting 3 min from 13.5k. How can i do this? i read you clip here and am trying to imagine it. do you mean by your instruction that the suit is being turned more into of a drag machine rather than a flying machine to produce longer hang time? what about the grippers? do they have much impact on hang time if you are not using them much or at all? where you said "(imagine a straight line thru your shoulders your elbows should be slightly lower than the imaginary line, then your wrists should be a little bit lower than your elbows)," it seems i will not be holding the wing taut by letting my wrists be down. is that correct? I just got that Vampire V-2 today but have not opned the box yet. Going to wait till tomorrow or Wed. Getting two brand new wingsuits in one week is just too much fun for one week. Gotta spread it out a little, make the gratification last longer. Also, since I ordered this 4th suit from you all, my husband really, really hates you guys now, LOL.
  10. wow, i dont's see how that is possible 107 seconds with no wingsuit and your size of 5'6" at 190 lbs. with a Firebird-R from 13.5 to 3.5 opening in that wingsuit i am gettting 121 seconds at best with avg fall rate 0f 53 and i am 5'11" and 175lbs, so taller and lighter and in a wingsuit. i followed a whole bunch of trackers on a tracking dive the other day in my wingsuit and it looked like they just went straight down while i flew clear up the runway and past another half a runway distance, turned back 180 degress and flew all the back to the other end and opened in 120 seconds so i am really curios how some people are claiming these numbers. i have an alti-track.
  11. ok, thanks. i did get to do 19 jumps in my Firebird last weekend. i'm getting more and more addicted to this. especially wizzing through the valleys in the clouds jamming with my ipod. i got it down to 51mph on one jump and managed to do all my PRO jumps too. i figured why the hell not since i was jumping by myself the whole time and last out. so i guess this means if i ever do a PRO demo, i will have to do it in my wingsuit, LOL.
  12. What kind of performance are you getting out of it? I seem to be getting longer hang time and slower vertical descent in my GTi. I am new to wingsuit flying and I am now wondering if my GTi is a better flying suit or if it is me. I only have 7 flights on the new Firebird-R though and it feels much more sensitive to any input. It seems fast and I can really see the ground wizzing by quick but I don't understand why not getting below 70MPH much vertical. I was maintaining flight in the lower 60's and upper 50's in the GTi and digging the long flights. Any suggestions?
  13. get: A fatal error has occurred: Undefined subroutine &Links::init called at (eval 41) line 3. Please enable debugging in setup for more details. tried three different web browsers as well.
  14. anyone know if there is a DZ operating in Puerto Vallarta right now? the contact info in DZ.com is not working. If so, please post here any info you have on it. thank you.