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  1. Dz opens at 12pm on Oct 23rd. Load organizers, Manf. giveaways, Load organizers, Best dressed costume contest, Swine Flew BBQ, Free beer, Bonfire, Camping, Limited RV slots available. See flyer attached.
  2. Been a long time since Ive worked shooting tandem video for hire. Im wondering what non-club DZ's are getting for video and still work as well as editing the final product.
  3. We have been receiving manufacture goodies from the following. UPT, Vigil USA, Aerodyne, Alti2, Skysystems, Para-gear to name a few... Lots of freebies and generous altitude with our fast king air 24$ 14k 9 min.. See you there!!
  4. 3rd annual SDKC boogie. Oct 18-20. No Registration, Free camping, Hot showers, DJ, Costume contest with prizes, Load organizing, Free beer, Bonfire, Limited RV spots avail. King Air!! 24$ 14k all weekend... See you there!!
  5. Yes, they are calling it a "spinning drogue".... I have a couple that did this and UPT will send you out a replacement.
  6. Skydive KC has a Sigma Course Next weekend June 15 & 16th.
  7. I think the DZ in rolla closed several years ago... USPA's website is updated listing the majority of Missouri DZ's..... There are a few Cessna DZ's down south.. If you want to jump a turbine then SkydiveKC in Butler Mo is where you need to go.
  8. SDKC will host its second annual halloween boogie Oct 26-28 2012. No registration, 24$ 14k, free beer, camping, costume contest with prizes, DJ, RV slots limited call to reserve. For more information fee free to contact DZ (816) 529-5867.
  9. Skydive KC will be hosting SVCO tunnel boogie Sept. 14-16 2012. Free load organizing all skill levels! No registration, 24$ King Air jumps to 14k. Discounted tunnel time will be available. UPT vector will be on hand as well offering the latest in equipment and demo gear. Free camping, hot showers, nightly entertainment... [url] (816) 529-5867
  10. They moved it up to late March?? I thought it was usually in early Feb??
  11. We do evaluate jumpers experience levels vs. what wing loading they are at... We don't use a fixed chart or anything at this point. Most jumpers in the midwest are making less than a 100 jumps a year as a weekend warrior... Its pretty easy to see based on logged jumps, weight and wing loading who is a potential problem... As for hook turns they are allowed once Ok'd by DZO or S&TA!! I see we have some old school KAMO guys on here... Nice to see some dinosaurs still active in the sport!!
  12. At our DZ we make you cycle it on as well as verify that the unit is in date upon waivering... I know most of you non DZO's hate this and or will not jump at my DZ or others that force this requirement, however I'm confident there will be a day when most if not all DZ's will require it.... We mandated it over 6 years ago and have 3 legitimate saves so it does make since... DZ's have a right to protect there clientele and reputation too..
  13. Our DZ operates two 56 model 182's. I have one wing X kit and one without... I fly both often and see a small difference in climb time to alt. both are stock engines and are only a few serial numbers apart. The gross weight increase is helpful in being able to carry a bit more fuel on hot days as well as larger jumpers. I have yet to do the other aircraft based on the cost vs. notice in overall turn times!!
  14. Try these guys... I use them and have found them to be as good as it gets... Mike Smith President Twin Lakes Insurance Agency Office Number (816) 525-2125 Ext. 410 Alternate Number (816) 251-3300 Fax Number (816) 525-404
  15. NO REGISTRATION Boogie Jump Tickets out of the King Air will be $24 cash (3% more on credit/debit cards, NO Checks) Speciality Aircraft Jumps (T-Bone) $28. Saturday night best dressed Halloween Costume Prize winners will receive....1ST PLACE: 4 jump tickets 2ND PLACE: 1 jump ticket & t-shirt 3RD PLACE: t-shirt and goodie bag. ***Free Beer, Free Camping, Free hot showers, food vendors will be onsite*** Also, Super 8 in Butler will have discounted rooms for anyone needing to stay for the weekend. Call 660-679-6183 to get your room booked!!!!