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  1. tonto was my mentor and friend. His advice saved my life and I'm so grateful that I met this amazing soul. He had a passion about the sport like no other and his knowledge will be learnt from for years to come. Fly free my friend, I will miss you. My deepest sympathies to Taya, Caleigh, Shanna and his parents and sister. Blue skies forever. not jumping sux
  2. Aggressive Conquering Accomplisher not jumping sux
  3. I have just seen this thread now, and would like to correct what has been sensationalised by a lot of papers. I had a fully deployed reserve above my head. The reserve lines were severely twisted and a number of the lines were severed (due to friction burns - this is under investigation and I'm not willing to speculate what caused this). The lines that were severed were held in place by the line twists. So I had a full wing above my head. (I assume that, had the lines not been so severely twisted, and the severed lines were loose, I would not have had a full wing above my head.) The parachute was spiralling and I could not control it. I hit a power line and then the ground. I was walking the next day, and went back to work a week ago. Thanks to everyone who has sent well-wishes, and especially to everyone at JSC - you're an awesome bunch of people! not jumping sux
  4. I'm the one in the middle - wearing all black. not jumping sux
  5. That's awesome! Congrats! Not jumping sux not jumping sux
  6. She could only be your sister! Miss ya babe! not jumping sux
  7. God.../ Angels.../ Powerlines... It's all good! not jumping sux
  8. High: I survived Low: Not gonna skydive again not jumping sux
  9. I'd be really surprised if I still had 8 more! The way I've lived my life till now, I'd be pleased if I still have 1 left! not jumping sux
  10. Thanks everyone. Really good to be here! About giving up skydiving, for now, I have decided to take a break indefinately. When I was lying on the ground -thinking I was about to die- I made a deal with God, that, if I lived, and walked away from the whole ordeal, I would not skydive again. It was a really close call and I got a big scare. Not only that, my fiance and my family have been through hell this last week. I can't put them through that again. Ask me again once the pain killers have worn off not jumping sux
  11. Yes, It was posted by Erroll in incidents. I think I was clutched onto by 50 angels! Very lucky to be here. not jumping sux
  12. Had to share. I had a double mal on Sunday. I Got out of hospital yesterday and feel like I have a new lease on life. I know that sounds like an old cliche, but it's true. I really got a fright. Thanks again to my amazing DZ family at JSC for getting to me so quickly and for putting up with my shit! not jumping sux
  13. Kittens don't really need much potty training. Just put some kitty litter in a tray and they seem to instinctively know what to do. not jumping sux