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  1. Football Delivery w/stramers hittin da 50 ! Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  2. Anyone out there have / is using software that works with the HV30 by Canon ? Looking for some suggestions / input ! Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  3. Hey there, I'm piecing out an old rig and have what I remember to be a Swift 176 ? Where on the canopy can I find any S/N or info ? I'm not seeing it ........ Any help would be great ! Blue Skies Charlie Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  4. New to using this in freefall and suggestions on settings ? Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  5. GREAT !!!!! I love Titus ! ha! ha! That would be a great episode / season collection to pick up ! (making mental note to put that on my list to Santa!) Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  6. Effin AWSOME !!!!!!!!!! Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  7. Holy Flashback ! I love my mispent youth (with the exeption of a few mistakes along the way ! ha! ha!) My wife teases me about stuck in the 80's when ever we ride togther and fight over the XM stations ! It's all good ! Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  8. Yea man ! We in ! Thanks Jason ! Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  9. Ranch hands standing by as well ! Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  10. I was thinking just having a little wireless remote in my hand vs. running a wire ... or having a blow/bite switch.... yes there would be the receiver that would have to be mounted on the helment and pluged into the camera, but just using an emitter for shutter release is appealing Is anyone useing this kind of set up ? Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  11. Hi folks, New to the digital photography world here, and the birth of 2nd baby coming in March got me interested in a new dig camera (the last one making me crazy with shuttler lag time) so long story short I ended up going with the 20D for a lot of reasons Now ... thinking about a helmet set up, and doing some surfing I came accross a wireless remote available for this camera and was wondering if anyone out here had any experience, input, or comments ... (be nice now !) as to weather something like this could be suited for a skydiving set up. Transmitter com code's for this unit ... would they interfer with aircraft raido or anything eles ? Would it actualy work in free fall ? Like I said .. I'm quite new to the dig photography / techie aspect here so go easy on me I did do a search of this forum and found only wired remotes. Thanks Charlie Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  12. Two Words ! FREAKIN AWSOME !
  13. Hi folks Seeking some local contact to answer some questions about something I saw on a recent trip North of Lake George, NY Please PM replies Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  14. I got's the perfect one next door to me that wont shut up Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)
  15. Niceeeeeeeee ! They got my 2 way ;-) Is it Bridge Day Yet ? :-)