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  1. From Entanglement leaps to larger scales 27 September 2001 Two macroscopic objects have been 'entangled' for the first time. Eugene Polzik and colleagues at the University of Aarhus in Denmark entangled two samples of caesium atoms, each containing about 1012 atoms, for half a millisecond - a long time by quantum standards. This demonstration could form the basis of new forms of 'quantum teleportation' and quantum computers (B Julsgaard et al 2001 Nature 413 400). Distant relations Entanglement is a feature of quantum mechanics that allows particles to share a much closer relationship than classical physics permits. A measurement on one part of an entangled system reveals the properties of the other part, even if they are physically separated. Polzik and co-workers injected the caesium atoms into two cylindrical glass cells lying end to end, but separated by a few millimetres of air. The team then shone a pulse of right-handed circularly polarized light through one cylinder so that the spins of the atoms in that cell were aligned with each other. A left-handed pulse aligned the spins in the other cell in the opposite direction. To entangle the atoms in the cells, a single polarized laser pulse passed through both cells. The momentum of the light changes the spin of the atoms in each cell slightly, by an equal and opposite amount. This means they are entangled - the exact spin of the atoms in each cell is unknown, but a measurement of the spin of one sample would reveal the spin of the other sample. Since the spins of the atoms also change the momentum of the light as it passes through, a measurement of the light as it exits the second cell revealed the average spin of the two samples. This showed that entanglement had taken place. Half a millisecond later, Polzik and colleagues sent a second pulse of linearly polarized light through both cells. Again, this changed the spins slightly, but the researchers found that the average spin was the same - this revealed that the entangled state was still intact. Systems containing just a few atoms have been entangled for longer periods, but the Aarhus result is a record for macroscopic objects. 'We have achieved entanglement with a single pulse of light, so in theory the samples can be placed at a considerable distance apart', Polzik told PhysicsWeb. 'This makes it the first type of entanglement useful for teleportation of atomic states and other types of quantum communication'
  2. Thanks. Spoke to Linda and she said they did not have a D-box specifically for the 109, but the clam shell did fit it. I did mention your name and it only cost an additional $24.99.
  3. What sort of D-box do you use for the Sony PC-109? It will be attached to an Optik helment
  4. After I adjust the harness on a tandem student, I ask "Now is that comfortable?" If they say yes, I say "Oh man, I musta screwed something up!"
  5. Skydive Walterboro is looking to rent a caravan the weekend of June 26. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Why didn't the truck hit the motorcycle, then beat the shit out of this asshole?
  7. I never roll the nose but stick as far back in the tail as I can. Always quick, soft openings on my 150
  8. Saw the same thing at Lake Wales over Christmas. A girl got her alti stuck on the bar on exit and dropped straight down on exit. She took a good knock on the ribs but she was fine (bruised.)
  9. On jump 119 I had my pilot chute tangle on my feet. I was wearing sandals but I think the real issue was my body position. I think I remember the incident you are talking about. The incident report in parachutist prompted me to ask an experienced jumper how to handle a horse shoe mal. Glad I did. (I still am wearing my Tevas though. )
  10. If conditions are right, you could see it with a good pair of binoculars
  11. A friend told me he saw an interview on CNN about Titusville. He said the interview was very pro DZ.
  12. In a 182, take the key when you exit.
  13. I am a student pilot. I never did any paper work for th FAA, except my medical, and I am listed on the database as a student pilot. I think I was getting junk mail within 2 weeks of getting my medical.
  14. Why are you in love with this canopy? The pretty design is not going to affect the flight characteristics one little bit. When you have gained some experience, you may decide to jump something different, like a crossbraced.
  15. I have seen the second reserve used. When I got my tandem rating in May, some of the people in the course needed a cutaway. One person cut away the first canopy then couldn't release the toggles on the second canopy (they weren't stuck, he was just unfamiliar with the way they were stowed.) Interestingly only the first one landed in a tree.