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  1. Before I got married...20 minutes. After getting married...3 hours. Oh, what you will do for love!!!! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  2. From first hand experience, you will have a rough time getting the number of jumps in that you want. I have a 10 month old which comes to the DZ with me. There is usually someone that is gracious enough to watch her while I catch a quick load or I set up someone to watch her during the day if I am training with a team. I love bringing her to the DZ because she gets to interact with so many people. If you bring your child to the DZ and expect to jump, make sure that there are responsible people there that you can trust completely! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  3. I'm interested to know how you think that the data is going to help here other than to just satisfy your interests. Do you really expect to learn somthing from it that you are going to be able to apply to your list of emergency procedures? I'm really curious how it could possibly help? Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  4. I always enjoyed Scott's presence at the DZ. He was the hardest worker out there. He worked straight from sun up to sun down with a smile on his face and never complained. I admired him for that. Scott, it will be very hard to get on the plane without you being there to high five and wish me a good jump. Your face will be missed. Kimmy
  5. Keep your eyes on SPX8 in the intermediate division. These guys have worked really hard this season and are doing well. They are especially doing well after losing a team member due to a non-skydiving related injury and having to replace him at the last training. I filled in for a weekend of training with these guys and it was so much fun jumping with them. (I think all they needed was a little estrogen on their team to make them perform at their peak!!) Good Luck Guys (and Angela)! We'll see you back at Spaceland. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  6. Since you don't jump at this dropzone in particular, you have no clue what you are talking about. First and foremost, it is not the instructors' primary job to make sure that students have fun on their skydive. Their job is to ensure that the student gets the education that they need so that they can enjoy ALL of their jumps in a safe manner. I can't think of one instructor at the DZ who does not want their student to enjoy freefall. I am sorry if you have had an experience elsewhere that you think that is the norm. You are sadly mistaken in this case! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  7. You don't have any clue what you're talking about and you don't know Scott at all. As a matter of fact why don't you ask Scott if this is the case. I already know what the answer is. QuoteI agree. I have seen the instructors talking to Scott and are in no way saying things that would make him more nervous. Besides, if an instructor does have a trust with his/her students, then they should not be taking them on a jump. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  8. Quote I agree with Mykel in this case. Don't get me wrong, I love the tunnel and think that it is an excellent training tool, BUT I have seen many experienced skydivers get in the tunnel and not be able fly as well as they do normally in freefall. Scott has already admitted that financially, the sport is digging deep into his pockets and we all know that tunnel time is not cheap. This is especially the case since there is the cost of travel to get to the tunnel. IMHO, the money he would spend at this point to get the tunnel time would be better spent on the jumps to try to pass. This is just my opinion after talking to him on occasion. Scott, A little bit of confidence can go a long way. Get rid of the doubts in your abilities and convince yourself that you can do it. Sometimes it is mind over matter. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  9. Congratulations Scott! I was talking with your instructor and he had mentioned that you were going to try to make some jumps on Monday. Looks like that time that you spent at the DZ talking to others has paid off! Welcome back to the air! It's such a refreshing place to be after a long layoff. By the way...thanks for babysitting on Saturday...I was really needing to get back in the air! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  10. Thanks for posting pics, Cory. I wish I could have been there and in my slot, but Mackenzie was well worth missing it for. Hope to be back to Houston soon so that everyone can meet her! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  11. Good Luck to all of the TSR participants! I wish I could be there with you guys but looks like our little one has decided to hold out for Tuesday when the event gets started. It would be a great birthday present for the TSR and her birth to be on the same day! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  12. I agree totally that one should have knowledge of all these things, BUT most of what you have listed should be demonstrated WELL before someone is applying for a D license. The extraneous things such as swooping knowledge and CRW skills should not be put off until a D license either. What is it that is keeping a B license holder from trying their hand at swooping? Nothing! Are you saying that in this case a person would have to wait until they have the required 500 jumps to be able to swoop. Therein lies a problem. How would you test them to see if they have the ability to swoop if they are not permitted to swoop unless they have the appropriate license. This is just an isolated example where I am trying to make a point that there are far too many skill sets in this sport that some would say need to be regulated in the sport by a license, but it is almost impossible to do. Some of these skills are by far the most dangerous and you don't need any type of license to attempt. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  13. To get a Tandem rating you have to either have performed an emergency cut away, or an intentional one...Yes, to SHOW you can handle the 'risk'. My understanding is that is not completely true for all Tandem manufactures ratings. A Vector rating does not require that. BUT I do see your point. A D license a precursor to getting a tandem rating. It is NOT a requirement to have a performed an emergency cutaway to get a D. Are you suggesting that it be added as a requirement for a D license. There are plenty of D license holders out there who have thousands of jumps and not a single cutaway. AND Not everyone out there trying to get a D License is going to go for a tandem rating. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  14. I think that you just wasted your time typing all that as it made no point whatsoever but only to make me not take anything that you had said previously seriously. That reply was just purely a childish way to get around the point that Popsjumper is trying to make. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  15. You would have a point IF, and ONLY IF, a "D" were a condition of being allowed on a sunset load. It isn't, and your reason is silly. I completely agree. I have been on many "just after sunset loads" as he is talking about. I didn't need a D License to get on that load nor did anyone question my abilities to execute my skydive safely. If you want to make it an argument that this is why we should have to do night jumps to get a D License, then shouldn't those jumps count toward the requirement of night jumps. If not, then your argument just lost it's validity. Others have talked about the fact that doing the night jump shows that you are able to face the risk of potentially jumping at night. If that is your argument, then why isn't there a requirement for other risks. I am much more at risk to have a cutaway (on EVERY JUMP) than to be faced with night jump conditions (of which I have control over when I get on the plane or not). Should I have to perform an intentional cutaway to show that I can handle that risk? Again, this and other examples of much riskier feats make that argument a moot point. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy