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  1. I have saved some money to do my AFF training this summer and I was recently debating if that was the best choice to use my money for. Well, after reading your post it confirmed how much I really want to do my training. WOO HOO!!!
  2. I think that is what I would do, go to the dz when she's with her dad or if grandma is watching her. Well, I will have life insurance to cover her financially in case a fatal accident occurs... eek... that would be really crappy. I would always be concerned about who could take care of her, since nobody can do it better than me HA!! but her father is around and grandmas, etc. And I do have a nest egg in case I got injured and couldn't work. Other than that I just plan on making conservative/responsible decisions once I go to get my own gear and not take big "chances" in the air. I feel like I will be a better mom because I will be happier because I am doing something that I love. Does that make sense? And I know I won't be able to do it as much as I'd want and that's okay.
  3. So, I wanted opinions from other skydiving parents out there. I am planning on doing my AFF training this summer, my dz opens in mid-April, and then venturing to get licensed. But my number one concern is balancing my family life. I have a 4 year old daughter and I was just trying to see if other parents had ways of not leaving the family behind but still actively skydiving as much as they wanted too. I also work full time so it's not like I can hang at the dz while she's at daycare. Any input would be great, also do a lot of dz care if you have your kids there? I realize that this would be a better question to ask my dz directly but seeing as how they aren't open yet. Maybe I'll teach her how to pack my chute at the tender age of 4. HA!!!
  4. Just wanted to say hi to all the other skydiving enthusiasts on this site. I did my first tandem jump last summer and I am anxiously awaiting the opening of my dz so I can start my aff training. I saved money from my tax refund this year so I can do all the aff jumps and start solo jumping. I'M SO EXCITED. I think that thinking about skydiving is the only thing that's getting me through the winter up here in Minnesota. If anybody has any good hints or ideas or anything for a newbie to the skydiving world just let me know. I've realized that all of my extra money will be strictly put towards skydiving now because I'm addicted already and can't think of anything else that would be as much fun to spend my money on.