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  1. Tell me about it; I've been MIA. But I can't wait to be home! (at least for a few months...) So is a keg the standard beer payment at Prairie instead of a case?
  2. Woo hoo! I can officially add myself to this list - I got my boss to agree to my final departure date from Greece - and I'll be back in time for Prairie!! It'll be my beer time there, I can't wait!
  3. oops, thought I took myself off this list already, but see I'm still on here....unfortunately won't make it to eloy this year. Seeing the fam instead of jumping with my limited time back in the U.S.
  4. Grrr... not going to make it after all - will be in the U.S. for Christmas with the family but then have to come back to Athens right away and not go to the boogie. Have fun all, maybe next year! Addie
  5. Adrock Amazon bbarnhouse gasson Icon134 incode johnsw71 jumper03 LouDiamond matt1215 MITCHYB monkycndo NWFlyer Popeyefireman QuickDraw Remster rhanold SeaKev simplyputsi (maybe, looking better now) SOULSHINE Vallerina Viking Adding myself to the list...I miss jumping in the U.S. and am trying my damndest to get to Eloy this year.
  6. I don't know anything about DZs in the other countries, but I jump at Hellenic Skydivers. They have a pretty regular nice-weather weekend Cessna operation. It's one of only two in Greece. Unfortunately, jumping's quite expensive here, at least for me since I was used to US rates. PM me if you want any more info. Addie
  7. Hmm...a story...Greece rocks and it's absolutely gorgeous. Pretty much the only bad thing about the country is the lack of places to skydive. I've got the guest room set up though.... Pics: the parthenon and a view from the hill by my house :)
  8. Hey everyone! I just wanted to say hi to all from Athens; I finally got my internet connection set up at home and can surf again!
  9. According to the website, it's Dean Schlemmer, one of our local 4-way competitors who's been to nationals a few times. Look forward to seeing you there!
  10. Ya know, at this point that would almost be alright... But who else is in for the boogie?! I know several of you are being party poopers and can't make it but what about the rest of you guys? I know there's more area jumpers on this here website...
  11. I completely agree....I can just watch the news or live my life and see stuff that can make me sad....movies should make me happy, I like happy endings!
  12. The Orange Boogie this year will be held from August 19-21.
  13. Where's the part where you stole his shoe?
  14. Yeah, first thought was, "Uh oh, what'd I do now." Perhaps I'm feeling guilty about something. Matt, we need to make it back up, especially cause I'm moving outta the country in less than a month! What nights do you work again?
  15. I wear contacts, and have lost them on jumps quite a few times. My vision isn't too bad, so it isn't a safety problem, more an annoyance. I've tried several different types of goggles, and recently had to switch yet again because I lost a couple contacts trying to fly head down in them. It basically just comes down to how tight they are around your face and the direction of the relative wind. Luckily, the lost contacts are usually just stuck to the inside of the goggle, so they're not lost forever.