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  1. Software development team leader.
  2. Being a good person is all that matters. Don't let anyone make you think you're somehow bad because you don't fit their standards. They are they, and you are you.
  3. ...But you can help her! (With the mouse)
  4. So this was useful. Sounds like the thing to do is: have the goggles really tight + use eyedrops to rewet the eyes before the jump. Also sounds like the majority of recommendations are for the FlexZ goggles. Also, found a few related older posts for those that may be interested, particularly and Thanks!
  5. Wow, that situation is what I'm concerned about... How bad is your vision? I have -6.5 on both eyes, so landing without contacts would be... interesting.
  6. So a couple of jumps ago, on exit, one of my contacts pops out! Thought that was weird, but didn't pay it much attention. Then the next jump, at the same moment, the contact comes out again from the same eye. That got me kind of apprehensive, since if both of them came out, I would be in a really nasty spot - can't see much without them. Now I think I know what the problem was - I had loosened my goggle strap a few days before, to the point that it would sit in place, but not really push into my skin. I tightened it back again, so that now it's quite snug, and hopefully that should do it - I've been jumping with these gogles for a while before with no problems. But that got me thinking - how often does that happen? Should I be using different goggles? One recommendation that I got was to tape the little vent holes, but that would probably make them fog up pretty quick, and that would kind of suck too... Ideas? Comments?
  7. That's what the Egyptians get for blindly following Bush into invading Iraq! Oh wait... they didn't do that. Face it people, "Let's stop doing whatever it is they don't like and they will leave us alone" is not a viable policy.
  8. Hi all, Does anybody know of good canopy control courses in Northern California? At this point I am interested in really basic stuff - accuracy, primarily.
  9. Usually easier said than done. I stand by what I said, with fallingchip's correction in.
  10. I'm a total newbie, but for what it's worth, the tunnel proved to be enormously helpful in my case. I did it after jump 7 or 8, and I so wish I had done it earlier! Also, why don't you ask the instructors at your DZ if they think some tunnel time would be helpful?