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  1. bigbearfng

    Perris jet

    Perris was test firing the engines on their jet this week! Don't know when it's gonna fly but taking a wingsuit out of it is a must do!
  2. bigbearfng

    Perris jet

    No problems with wingsuiting out of it. And yup, no stairs just a smooth ramp to run down. Just make sure to take a slight pause before exit to make sure you're facing the front. The guy that exited it before me was still sideways on exit and spun like a top! Make sure to wear a cam too-you really do end up looking down at the tail. Pretty cool and worth the extra $ for the jump ticket to me!
  3. bigbearfng

    Jumping in Hawaii

    Not sure about the "current situation" but it's a beautiful to place to bring your rig and a wingsuit. Just a heads-up aware of the uppers, if you drift thru a cloud on the way back to the DZ. There's a ridge at about 2000 ft altitude close on one side and high surf on the other. It'll scare the crap outta ya if you pop out the bottom and find yourself right next to the ridge!
  4. bigbearfng

    Jeff Nebelkopf - May 25, 2014

    BSBD........ I'll be leaving your number on my phone Jeff.
  5. bigbearfng

    q on next suit

    Anyone? OK, has anyone sent their SM1 back and had the Sbird update done-what did you think-worth it? Differences? Anyone gone from an SM1 to an Xbird? Thanks for any replies/help with the decision!
  6. bigbearfng

    Wingsuit Gaining Altitude.

    Hmmm, I have to admit that looks like pretty conclusive proof (of a significant gain in altitude!) in spite of all the naysayers......
  7. bigbearfng

    Buildings under Constuction

    I can only answer for in Ca. A "simple" trespass is misd. If you cause enough damage getting in then it is felony vandalism also.
  8. bigbearfng

    Tony suit Demos

    I'm a complete newb at wingsuits, and Jeff only had 2 with him for newbs. So I'm afraid I can't compare to other suits. I tried the eagle first. The suits were a tad on the small side for me so keep that in mind. The eagle seemed to get a high speed shudder going at times. I've read reviews that noted the same thing. I then tried the aerobat and loved it! Within a few jumps I had fall rate down to 60mph. This is a great opportunity for newbs! Jeff will give you first jump instruction and one on one video coaching for the cost of his jump ticket. If you can meet up with him its well worth it. The suits go on completely, then you put on your rig; so all handles are out in the open. The only possible problem for some is that you must be able to unthread your leg straps. On some rigs the sewn fold back is to thick to unthread. I called Tonysuits the day after Jeff faxed my order in-they'd already cut out my suit and it'll be shipped within a week of the order being faxed. Oh yea-25% off promotional price too..... Yup, I'm hooked!
  9. bigbearfng

    Tony suit Demos

    Jeff was at Perris till today, now in Elsinore and then will be back at Perris. And yup, after demo I went and ordered one. It's only money......
  10. bigbearfng

    Perris 4 way feb 11,12

    Just a fu post-Christy asked me to post a fu if I had a good time-it was great! Lotsa folk showed up-we kept her running organizing 4 ways. And terrific free coaching from Uli, Christy, Pat Mcgowan et al! And lotsa video debriefs too. She'll be organizing a few more in the near future, so be sure and keep her busy!
  11. bigbearfng

    Skydive Anaheim

    Anaheim??? Sure it's not another iteration of skyride???
  12. bigbearfng

    "Ballistic Meatball" with a few q's

    If you get down to 245lbs then you should be good to go for AFF at most DZs. Perris states max 245lb. If you're still over it can be done; there's quite a few folk on here that have, but it'll take some shopping for DZs. Also I beleive one really big guy had to buy his own gear before AFF1. But where theres a will, there's usually a way. I'm sure the bigger folk will be jumping in here with their experiences soon....