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  1. Never heard of Chet Poland, what did he do for me. Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  2. Not yet. I might have to pack my own rig when I go to another dz at the end of the month I dont jump the rig much any more, it was my first rig and I only use it on wingsuit jumps, nice big square. Noticed the reserve was packed a year ago so I better get that done as well. Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  3. There was a time in my life where I took anyone. I thought I was invisible and could handle anything. I have taken quads and I have taken a student in excess of 250 pounds, take into consideration I am at a high altitude dz, 5500 ft The youngest I've taken is 5 yrs old, not the youngest I've seen. Each have there own risks. I dont feel like dealing with any aditional risk so I have set the following restriction. My weight limit is 100kgs(220) No arguments, the landings are just too fast over that weight and I think I scare the safety staff My age limit in 9yrs old, anything younger than that and I'm scared the child wont listen to me and try something stupid on landing. If you cant walk the 100m to boarding point you staying on the ground, there are just so many things that can go wrong with quads and cripples. Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  4. Dude, there is only 1 important skydiver and that is you. Skydiving is a very personal sport and we all get out of it what we put in. So, decide what you want and make sure you stay alive to tell the stories. Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  5. Did my first pack job is 6 years and just felt like telling some1 Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  6. Excellent, thats 100% increase in skill buddy Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  7. I'm looking at the video market for new toys. Th FS200 is cheaper than the CX100 has more memory and has the thread the SX40 does not have. I was wondering if anyone has jumped it successfully. Dave Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  8. I thought I'd pop in and report my first incident. It was about 2 weeks ago, 8 Aug, I havent had access to the net. Once I get home in a week I'll post the video. Jump 1438 7th jump of the day Camera for 8-way Skydive Marche in Italy Velocity 103 Icon Harness wing loading 1.9 Tempo 120 - Thank JVA it opened. Pressure knot between left brake line and one or two of the D-lines Under reserve by 1800 ft Got all my toys back - Thank to all that helped. Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  9. Is there a Spankmonauti site yet where we can post video. Because we all know, if there is no video it didnt happen. Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  10. It was a hard day at the DZ today. I’ll miss you T. BSBD Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  11. Can I please have the Next years lotto numbers. Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  12. in the saddle on main.. 900 ft No reserve rides yet. Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  13. If the weather changes and you make a call not to exit the air craft do you pay? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  14. Thanks Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za
  15. I am in the process of getting myself a personal web site. Where I am of course going to put my skydiving videos and picture. Although it will be personal my life revolves around skydiving these days and I want “skydive” in the url. It will then be www.??????.co.za . So I’m looking for suggestions please. I’ll add skydive and skydiver have been taken. Dave D830 http://www.skydiving.co.za