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  1. no i had the flu this hoping to be better by the next weekend.
  2. thanks Randy ,im doing 3 jumps a week as long as the weather permits.and im not talking about the cold.just clouds and rain.Im hoping to have my A license by february.later bro. also I went back to working on the dart rail wiring in all the new signals and instruments.and we are working monday thru thursday 10 hour days so eventually i can probably be able to jump with you on fridays...
  3. yea well today i passed level 7 aff. and after #7 i did 2 solo dives just for off to coached jumps...
  4. today i passed aff 5 and 6 now on to 7..woohoo cant wait until next week...
  5. sure am with every jump comes more knowledge and just so much fun and excitment...
  6. yea i passed #4 today an now am on to # 5 woo was a beutiful day for jumping in texas...gotta love it
  7. i only have 5 jumps from 3 different dz and i would recommend skydive dallas. they have an awsome staff and top notch equipment and instructors.dont get me wrong if you do a dive and your performance is not up to standards you will be doing it over to go on to your next level.but i personally would rather to have to learn correctly,all of my skills than just to be passed on without doing so.also after your first dive aff level 1 if you pay for your next dive before you leave they give you 40 dollars off each dive.all the way thru aff 7.i hope this was helpful...
  8. hey and you were right was'nt hard at all to find john deer....later
  9. thanks but either way im in it for the long haul.PS it was nice to meet you as well have a great week
  10. thats good i did 2 tandems and still started at aff 1.i feel it really gave me a better footing for something i plan on doing the rest of my life.just keep it up....
  11. well i only planned on one this weekend but weather and the rush was so good had to make another jump.and passed aff 3.woh -hoo .just needed to tell some one,I love jumping at skydive dallas.... cant wait until next weekend
  12. good luck im finally going to be able to do one a week until #7 and then three a week.what a rush
  13. yea im on to level 2 sunday at 8am 09/20/09.please let the weather be good.....please please please