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  1. gjhdiver

    AAD requirement @ Skydive San Marcos

    Ahhh. Nothing quite like the sound of a stable door being clicked shut, long after the horse has wandered off.
  2. gjhdiver

    Name the designer

    Is it a Jalbert Square Mulitcell ?
  3. gjhdiver

    Wings Spacer Foam

    The spacer foam is really comfortable. You don't feel it too much in freefall, but in the plane and under canopy,. it's like sitting in a nice soft armchair. I'd go for it if you have the money for the option.
  4. gjhdiver

    Vision by Wings

    Oh there's more. Redesigned riser covers and two piece construction on flap 7 giving more color choices to name the two that I'm currently familiar with. There's some other changes too, but I haven't delved deeply into them just yet. I'm getting one very shortly, so I'll talk to the factory and get the full updated spec and post it.
  5. gjhdiver


    And once again I miss the picture with the Brits. I'm beginning to think it's deliberate.
  6. gjhdiver

    PD126R - the real nature of the beast?

    I've jumped both the PD143R and PD126R at 215 pounds exit weight at sea level. Both opened consistently and flew in a very predictable manner. Even heavily loaded, the 126 was very easy to flare, and actually refused to aggresively stall when I tested it high up. The landing was in nil winds and was easy to stand up with a progessive flare. Other small reserves I've flown have been very touchy about flaring, and I've seen some collapse entirely on flaring. I'd highly reccomend both the 143 and 126.
  7. gjhdiver

    Stiletto vs. Vengence...

    I've got about 7000 jumps on Stilettos and a few on the Vengence. Without going into huge amounts of details, I'd say that the Stiletto is livelier in the air, and the Vengence less susceptible to washout on landings, meaning that you'll have a longer flare. They are both good canopies, but you may find the pack volume the same or slightly larger than a 190 Stiletto. If you have the experience, you might want to just stay with the Stiletto when you downsize. I just did that myself by going down a size. It took about 50 jumps to dial it in just like the last one.
  8. gjhdiver

    Pull Out Reserve - Woomera

    I've seen a few Woomera's . It's a great example of someone fixing something that wasn't broken. I wouldn't have jumped one on a bet.