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  1. I can't find any option to end a classified listing or mark an item as sold. I click the profile icon, then 'my adverts', and all I see is the advert, but no options to change it.
  2. The firm provides IP legal services. I agree that something seen only by skydivers is not best. The dropzone I spend most of my time at does a large volume of tandems, so there are always non-skydivers around as well as other people who are involved with the airport. Regardless, the demo route might be the best thing to suggest.
  3. The marketing committee at my firm said recently that they want me to figure out a way to spend money on something skydiving-related. I'm curious what ideas you might have about creative or unique ways to do this. I'm not in marketing, so the only things I know are the standard logos on jumpsuits, rigs, canopies, demo flags, helmets, etc. Perhaps also a video or photos that can be used in marketing materials. Do any of you have any ideas? I'm hoping to at least get a bit of new gear out of the deal.
  4. After dealing with a helmet/freebag entanglement (on a non-skyhook-equipped rig), I prefer to disconnect my RSL/Skyhook for video jumps. I want that extra second or two to regain a good deployment position. Granted, the Skyhook may mitigate that need, but I just feel more comfortable without it.
  5. It seems to me that one major downside of the AS15 or GoPro for tandem use would be the lack of a controller and status indicator such as the Hypeye. I know GoPro offers a remote with some models, but it still does not give you the same immediate and visual feedback as the status indicator. Using an iphone or whatever to control the AS15 seems impractical for tandem videos, but perhaps I'm missing something.
  6. Wow. You come chiming in like a bumbling buffoon over a year after the discussion sounding like both an amateur and a knuckle-dragger. But you are a tough keyboard warrior with your slurs and hate speech, so I'm properly intimidated. /s
  7. No. I had just started browsing PF website, when a virus took over my pc. Symantec tried to stop it, but failed.
  8. I changed the heading. I don't think anyone will argue with the new one. If I was wrong then I am truly sorry for any trouble that I caused. I was browsing through the products pages of PF if that matters. Maybe there was a hidden ad link somewhere on Google that I clicked without realizing it when I searched for the webpage?
  9. Just went there in a sandbox environment to see if anything had changed in the past 24 hours...nothing seen, nothing reported, nothing indicated. I'm there every couple of days; I don't run antivirus. But then again, I also avoid porn, warez, and music lyric sites, and like long walks on the beach while poking dead things with a sharp stick. Ok, I'm sitting here racking my brain trying to figure this out. The only other option would be uspto website, which was open but not accessed for at least an hour prior, and which I visit daily with never a problem. no peripherals attached, No attachments or files downloaded. Nevertheless, pc is cleaned now, so I'm out.
  10. I use an ad blocker, for what it's worth. Not sure if that would affect anything.
  11. The fact that this is the second time you encountered a worm/trojan that can only be INSTALLED by opening malicious attachments to emails or executable files that you downloaded, suggests you need to look for a solution closer to home. Please ignore the 'trojan' lingo and check your security.
  12. Call it what you will, but that webpage was the source. The timing of the invasion leaves no other options. I only said trojan because thst's what Symantec labelled it. IT guy knows his stuff. That is not a concern.
  13. You're wrong. Don't screw over everyone else.
  14. I just got a nasty Trojan from Phoenix Fly website. Second trojan this year. The first was from Icarus's website a few months back. Come on, skydive industry, use a little security. My IT guy is not pleased. EDIT: Others have verified that PF website is safe. I'm still not sure what happened here, but it's entirely possible that I was wrong about the source of this. I don't wish any ill-will towards PF.
  15. In my experience, jackets have elastic material around the waist and sometimes snaps or other fasteners to connect to pants or shorts. Elastic should work fine if the jacket fits well. Use a piece of elastic material that is strong, use a double layer, and make it 3-4 inches wide (vertically when worn). Be sure that you don't cut the jacket too short. You probably want the elastic to hug the area just below the top of your hips. Let it overlap the top of your pants by a couple inches at least. I've had jackets where the bottom tends to ride up above the waist because they were too short and didn't fit well. One thing to look at is how closely the jacket material fits around the chest at the armpit level. If the fit is good around your torso and under the arms, then raising your arms shouldn't cause too much movement in the waist area and the jacket will stay in place better during freefall and deployment. Even if it does have a tendency to ride up in the waist area, unless it's very baggy, it shouldn't significantly affect your access to your emergency handles. The wing itself will always be a bigger risk in that area. Good luck, sounds like a fun project.
  16. I understand what you're saying, and most Mirage's seem fine. The problem is that the right side main closing flap doesn't fit tightly across the bottom closing flap. It doesn't hold the freely pud flap securely enough imo and the freefly pud comes out too easily. This doesn't seem to be a problem when new, but over time they develop that characteristic. Lately I've been playing around with different options such as increasing the pilot chute bulk nearer to the handle and moving the handle to the rearmost portion of the BOC. This does seem to help some, but it doesn't eliminate the problem. Like I said, I may just be overly paranoid. I spent years on the mat packing tens of thousands of rigs, so I'm pretty comfortable with what good bridle protection can look like. My Mirage's don't have that.
  17. I'm torn on this. On one hand, it may help to educate some new instructors. It may cause reckless instructors to rethink their behavior. It may also motivate some to expose reckless instructors or DZs and cause them to go away or change their behavior. On the other hand, I can see this blowing up all over the web and causing otherwise interested students to stay away from the sport due to a fear that this type of recklessness is prevalent within the sport or that tandem harnesses are simply unsafe and waiting to dump students. After watching that video, I can't say that I'd blame them. There is no accompanying information with the video to mitigate inaccurate assumptions. It's one thing for a prospective student to go on Youtube and watch a sport jumper do something stupid and get hurt. It's a whole different thing to watch a tandem student narrowly escape death by managing to cling to the harness in that way. That is the type of nightmare that many students must overcome just to make the jump in the first place.
  18. So it's done by now. What happened? Sky news didn't show a thing.
  19. I've jumped Mirages for years, and you're right because the yoke is so low. Problem is, every Mirage I've owned eventually lost its shape and ability to close correctly in order to protect the bridle sufficiently for freeflying. Maybe it's just my bad luck - I don't know. I had a nasty premature opening once so I'm a little sensitive about that. But that's why I'm looking at alternative options. Thanks for the thoughts everyone.
  20. Ah, I missed your reply earlier. That is good to hear. Thank you.
  21. No, top mount helmets. It is simply a matter of the yoke being so high that it interferes with the neck and helmet when you bend your head at the more extreme angles. It's not specific to me because I've watched several people who have the same problem. In fact, it's pretty much understood at my DZ that you don't buy Javelin if you want do video work, and those who do end up complaining about it more times than not. I'm actually surprised that it is not more widely discussed elsewhere. Perhaps were all just shaped oddly here. But with that said, I know a whole lot of people elsewhere do use Javelins and have no problems. I'm just hoping that somebody else noticed the same problem with Javelins and can weigh in on whether Infinity is similar, as it is one of the few rigs that I haven't jumped. Thanks for your thoughts.
  22. Beautiful. You get to jump there regularly? I'm jealous.
  23. I'm considering purchasing an Infinity, but I haven't jumped one for video work. When I borrowed Javelins in the past I had a problem with the rig interfering with the camera. Basically the yoke came too far up on my neck and prevented me from tilting my head back as far as I would like while belly flying. Does anyone have experience using an Infinity for tandem and AFF videos? Does it have the same problem as Javelins?
  24. Did you mean to say electronic image stabilization?