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  1. Hey all, was thinking about getting a new camera jacket, but instead thought about cutting the suit in half and making my own jacket. I can say that I have never put on a camera jacket and don't know the components of it, I currently have a tony camera suit with the larger D wing (the bottom of the wing is connected to leg straps Via clips) is there any connection points that are used to hold the jacket itself down, so nothing comes blowing up over my handles? The only jacket I ever saw had stretchy spandex around the waist to aid in keeping it down, any thoughts or ideas? or should I just buy a jacket? thanks in advance!
  2. thanks for your opinion dave, I feel much better about the situation. Also remember thats all it is, an opinion or better, a point of view. and thats cool because every one is entitled to one. Quit bashing people, this is lost prairie for fuck sake we don't need essays like this to fuel the fire, let people decide for themselves.
  3. yeah the lodge is ready for the ice situation, (8 7/16 minutes away) and the wally world is open 24 hours in kalispell. Moose Crossing in marion also has a whole bunch of food, supplies and cheep beer, actually GREAT prices for a gas station that far from town, I would say try that before risking sanity in kalispell. just my 2 cents. and gas is about the same price in marion as kalispell. plus Vern the owner is a kick in the ass to B.S with. have fun! the big dirty
  4. don't think that rocks going anywhere anytime soon the big dirty
  5. ill say the same thing I did on the facebook thread, the bar is not gone forever, it's closed for this boogie for sure, thats it. It's not getting burned down, tore down or demolished. the big dirty
  6. yup he sure does, there are some good ones!!Im trying to gather as much as possible to put something together for the 50th, got a bunch of boogie videos and tons of albums sitting in the back shed at the bar. Going to bring all the videos down to the bar and play them on the big screen for every one to see (probably tuesday the 26th). some are so old even mahoney looks young. Adam the big dirty
  7. yeah she was shakin and wobbling but the roof is still on... gotta love that redneck engineering, still standing strong after all these years the big dirty
  8. right on! that would be sweet, maybe a few batches are due... never to much booze at the prairie
  9. I am ordering all the booze for the bar, I can get everclear for super duper cheep, and it can be waiting at the bar for you if you want, let me know! the big dirty
  10. here is the dinner special "menu" that will be served on the south end of the bar... Marinated ball tip strip steak 8/10 oz. Double stuffed baked potato 2 choices salad: Coleslaw & Tossed green Garlic Bread $14.95 Chicken Breast Dinner Double stuffed baked potato 2 choices salad Garlic bread $10.95 Pub style popcorn shrimp 3/4 lb. Double stuffed baked potato 2 choices salad Garlic bread $9.95 B.B.Q Beef sand. on kaiser choice of salad $7.95 Vegan-potato/salad-garlic bread $6.95 Stinky will be slaving away in the kitchen again, crankin out breakfast and lunch the big dirty
  11. man would that be cool, if your ever around L.P I wouldn't mind trying to make a dvd out of it... just to rip a few sections out of it the big dirty
  12. just wondering if any one has any old boogie footage from back in the day, im looking for 20+ year old round stuff back in the beginning if possible. going to talk to fred this weekend. I have heard from a few locals this might also be a good way to get ahold of sum as well... looking to get a bunch of stuff on my portable hard drive for a boogie video this year or next, thanks! Blues!