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  1. There are much better options but of course there is a higher cost. The range on tile trackers is less than 50 feet. Legit trackers use Cellular/GPS and require a monthly subscription in addition to the $100'ish cost of the tracker.
  2. Alti-2 seems to be on a downward slide. As their military market share continues to evaporate, they're trying to revive their sport line. Unfortunately, it's to little to late. The Atlas Juno is their entrant in the race to the bottom. It might satiate the all to pervasive "hook a brother up" crowd, or it might not. 3D printing allows them to engage in an on demand production model but as most have noted the product looks cheap. The dual mode (audible/visual), menu and revised charging port keeps the Atlas II appealing but it's not enough at $429 when an arguably better Ares II is $399. It will be interesting to see the feedback over the next year related to all of their new products.
  3. Whatever happened to the guy at SD Elsinore I think that was selling the black "Skybands"? They worked fine and might've been a bit better than the Keener parachute bands.
  4. Yeah... and moon might de-orbit while you're in flight and take out the earth and you'd be able to freefall FOREVER.
  5. One small problem, last time I checked the United States is a republic, not a democracy. I think it's safe to say we practice democracy under the umbrella of a republic but I think your statement may imply a pure democracy.
  6. No chance... You first have to manually put the unit into programming mode via a button on the back of the unit. Once you're done programming and exit the app, the handshake is broken.
  7. The FDS SonoAlti 2V is a good piece of kit. It works well and the phone app is easy to use. I tried an external speaker in lieu of ear buds but the power output to the 3.5mm audio jack is not enough to drive the speaker. Honestly, this unit will not work with a Cookie G4. Getting the helmet on without dislodging your earbuds or re-inserting them after the helmet is on isn't worth the struggle. I use a a Cookie Fuel and it works brilliantly.
  8. As most are aware, the G35 has been released. I believe they're running a size small so definitely try before you buy. Beside a sticky mount and maybe a chin mount, I doubt you'll be seeing any aftermarket mounting options for this helmet other than Cookie's integrated camera mount. The design of the helmet will significantly limit mounting option due to the design that incorporates the top plate and unseen helmet features below the top plate.
  9. For reference: Cut to the Chase Knife Rule No. 1: 2 is one and 1 is none. A knife with a ground steel cutting surface is the only real knife. The value of a hook knife that uses a utility blade(s) for skydiving is always arguable.
  10. Small quantities of HMA can be purchased from Twinline
  11. Realistic pricing? Please... How about realistic taxes. How much does VAT add to the cost? Maybe you should be complaining to the socialists running your country instead of bagging' on Cookie. Just sayin'...