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  1. Its true that it packs pretty low. I got a wings w5 which is normally build for pdr 113-126 and got a 150 speed in there which fits just fine (not to tight). Give paratec a shot for US dealers and if u can send it back if it wouldnt fit. I had a low speed mal ride ob my Reserve last month... Flies just fine.
  2. tripp9r

    Rig advice

    Why don't you go for a paratec speed Reserve? The 190speed packs about ~100cui smaller than a193PDR and about 60cui than the 193optimum.
  3. Plan the jump, jump the Plan.... From ur way to altitude down to landing. Best way to prevent accidents. Landing directions should be set by the dz staff or at least by anyone on the ground... Not while under canopy. The german Dfv (Uspa counterpart) had written down some landing priorities in their SIM: 1. Canopy parallel to the ground 2. Land in obstaclefree area 3. Land in at lrast half brakes 4. Land upwind
  4. tripp9r

    EPs: Look up before pulling reserve?

    Im pretty sure hes talking about this one here: Broken hardlink on the left front riser... Yeah, that wouldve been much more messy if he did cutaway that Main
  5. No need to... Just use smaller ones for the locking stows.
  6. And thats the way theyre supposed to be installed... Thats written in evry manual u get with those tube stows. Just one more time of "rtfm". For me its like saying that a ur cutaway handle might malfunction if u dont route the the teflon cable through the housings.
  7. 3 dropzone (including my home dz) within 40 minutes of driving... And maybe like 7 within 1.5 hours :)
  8. tripp9r

    EPs: Look up before pulling reserve?

    I was tought: Locate (cutaway) Locate (Reserve) Look up (legs slighly up, that way u will likely go into belly position after cutaway) Peel and punch (cutaway) Right Hand goes to the Reserve handle as well Peel and punch reserve That way u will have at least a lil bit of time between cutaway and deployment... Thats the way i always practice before boarding and at pincheck before leaving the door... Stick to what uve learnd and practiced.
  9. tripp9r

    Chin mount on Skyhelmet Fujin

    Cant help with ur question, but where to buy those? I thought skyhelmets wen out of Business... Cant find any Info about the Helmet, and the Website is still under construction.
  10. Am i the only one wondering how damn long ur loop is?
  11. tripp9r

    Fluidwings Gangster

    Those openings seem pretty smooth :) Die u pull on the rears while openings? Looks like it in the Video... Isnt that a "no-go" at High Performance canopies? Cheers
  12. tripp9r

    Any SAFE full-face helmets out there?

    Does anyone know in these helmets have audible pockets? I contacted the manufacturer two weeks ago Butter havnt got an answer yet.