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  1. aironscott

     Dave Dewolf

    Rest in peace Dave. You will forever be a friend, idol, mentor and inspiration to me. Like many, Dave trained me initially to be a rigger. After a few years I got good at it. One night in Eloy Dave, Weird Wayne, Dave Mahoney and myself were sitting around a campfire. Mahoney and I had the loft there at the time. Listening to Dewolf and His Weirdness discuss so many things that were way above the heads of Mahoney and mine was one of the greatest treats of my life. Respect, Love and Peace to you my friend. Mahoney and I still talk about that night. "There's a pork chop in every can"
  2. aironscott

    important notice

    Me neither!
  3. aironscott

    ad for gear for sale

    He is a jumper. Or was. Not sure if he jumps anymore. I may have worked on his gear in the past. I can't remember. What is he selling? if you have any questions i can go look at my log books and try to refresh my memory. Aaron
  4. aironscott


    The W26 is a 28 stitch bartacker. Well, at least most of them are. Industry standard for lines is a 42 stitch bartack. That being said I've yet to see a 28 stitch fail because it was lacking the extra 14 stitches. They are servicable machines that are reasonable in price with lots of spare parts out there. If I had to make a choice between using a 269 or a zig zag (for lines) I would choose the bartacker every time. Hope this helps. Aaron
  5. aironscott

    Aff intructors and downsizing..what do u think??

    We do At least any AFFI (or any I for that matter) worth their salt does. Being an AFF SL/l IAD/I doesn't mean that your job is over once you graduate your students. And few Is, if any, operate in such a manner that make their students feel like they are on their own after they get their USPA licenses. You bring up a great point about advise attained on NOBODY knows a young jumper's skills better than their own instructors. Therefore any said young jumper should trust their former instructors 100 times more than anything that they read on this open forum. Who can say that anyone giving advise here has the credentials to do so. Just cuz in their profile it says that they are qualified? I don't think so. And what instructor worth anything can evaluate your skills honestly over the internet having never seen or jumped with you. My advise is to stick to the people that know you and have been jumping with you. Be wary of the advise from anyone that has more posts than jumps (no offense to any of you superposters unless I mean it). And if you have difficulty determining what advise is correct....use your commen sense. That usually is the best determiner of the proper course of action. Above all be safe, there are plenty of people near you that can help you accomplish your goals in this sport. Just don't do anything stupid. Aaron btw - just cuz I don't have a lot of posts doesn't mean that I know what I'm talking about either.
  6. aironscott

    freefly competion judge