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  1. AAD servicing - especially: 1) Auto-shutdown feature of Vigils (idk about Cypress) - reminder to turn AAD off at the end of the day manually because they will shut themselves down after 14 hours, but if you leave the rig at DZ overnight with AAD On, it may shut itself down juuust in-between the rig check and boarding the your firts load the next day 2) battery servicing periods for different models 3) Activation altitudes and speeds for different modes
  2. There's no such perfect spot. It's always a balance between snag hazard and the picture Full body view could be achieved by having camera far from the body i.e. selfie stick, but this is dangerous on many levels. I could give a full lecture about why this is a bad idea, but key points: * If you loose it, it might fail on someone's head or property * At terminal velocity it catches air like crazy and affects your flying a lot * Snag hazard * In case of accident/malfunction when you need both hands, what you gonna do with the camera? Just don't do that. Next on the list - helmet camera extensions - they've got their name "deathsticks" for a reason. Avoid that as well. Wrist mounts are widely used by tandem pilots, but those jumps are of completely different nature, shoot specific angles and thus wrist mounts work well only in that environment. Also those mounts have cutaway mechanism. I've seen some people with 360 camera chin mounts, which is comparably safe, but again, no full body view. You know, actually, there's one perfect spot that lets you see your whole body - when it's mounted on the helmet of your coach.
  3. @Annik Which type of lens were you using? And did you use them with clear visor or tinted visor? How do they stand against bright daylight? After deeper investigation and consultations, I'll be experimenting with them because the platform seems very promising, easy to integrate and solves a lot of technical & safety challenges. If all goes well, there gonna be a pretty cool announcement soon :)
  4. Parachute De France has been changing owners many times, no wonder it's hard to find any information. That's some kind of main ("Principale") but the stamp is not very readable on this photo, so you'd have to check the archives yourself:*/*/
  5. So my tracker from AliExpress has finally arrived. Size-wise it looks good - nearly perfect fit for SkySnatch's pipe handle But turns out this is not a GPS, rather GPRS tracker, just like this review says: (I wish I've seen it sooner) Checked its insides and indeed there's no GPS hardware. Technically you may use it along with call capabilities - i.e. look for a canopy by making noise and listening how close you get to the point, but IMHO its not worth the effort of installing it. Will search for something similar, but with real GPS capabilities
  6. As of October - still Havoks. I've heard some talks about switching to new Intrudair Fin, but it's the same as last year's talk as switching to LowKi - i.e. time will tell. Anyways this shift would probably be gradual because they have full shelve of perfectly operational Havoks with some lifespan left in them.
  7. Looks like old Vertigo's canopy for BASE jumping (nowadays it's known as APEX BASE)
  8. Just a side note: that link shows only USPA-affiliated DZs.
  9. What a waste of perfectly good material! Few month ago I got a jacket from Skylark made of parachute fabric and it's amazing! Wind/water-proof, very light and compact. I carry it in a backpack anywhere I go.
  10. Well, just lay it on the ground and measure the area in sqft (length x width) :) It may not be 100% accurate, but you'll know what's the closest size to look for in manufacturer's catalogue
  11. It also has some BASE exits. You might want to reach out to @platypii who created it and put few more locations :) And if you're into speedflying/paragliding then use this one too:
  12. According to their VK page, Pro-flyers rate is 18 000 RUB (that's around 195 USD) The tunnel is 5 meters in diameter If you think about paying them a visit I'd be really really careful - not only this is Russia, but Gudermes is only 40 km from Grozny - the capital of Chechen republic. A republic where even Russian authorities have little to none authority. Random Americans sometimes become pretty good hostages for future prisoner swaps. Just saying. If you just want to get the more information they left this phone number for enquirers: +7 995 811 55 77 though IDK if they speak English
  13. I don't think many would focus on Yepzon because it's a bit of too much effort. I don't see UART pins on the board, so probably it's all via JTAG (i.e. USB) which is a bit more complex Thus the only reason to hack into this device for I see would be as a personal challenge, because there are few alternatives that require significantly less effort and skills: * No-brainer - sew an AirTag into your freebag * GPS tracker from AliExpress ( additionally you may install own opensource GPS tracking server like OpenGTS) You can then 3D print a custom pilot chute handle to serve as casing for the device folks from Empuria brava already doing something similar: * Build your own device: use Seeeduino or Adafruit Trinket to save space List is sorted in ascending order by skills & effort required UPD: I just ordered one from China, will do its review keep you posted
  14. Please describe in more details what you mean by "best"? I.e. which characteristics you're looking for? Are line twists your only concern, or you want something maybe a bit less "stable" but more performance that can reliably get you from the long spot? Do you pack yourself or not? Would you like softer slower openings or normal are fine? etc... Apart from canopy you might want to look at pilot chute too - something like Skysnatch 2 or its less-advertised alternatives
  15. +1 for DaVinci Resolve - the best free tool on the market, with lots of features that you'd usually find only in expensive programs. Another big plus is that on its website there are really good and really helpful video tutorials, which I highly recommend watching. This tool replaced Adobe Premiere for me. Its only weakness so far is lack of compatibility with Insta360 format, but it's manageable. Available for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)