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  1. mathrick

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    I switched to WinX ZP 150 from a Storm 150, and it packs smaller. Not massively so, but noticeably. Of course if you get a hybrid or low bulk option, then you shave further pack volume from that.
  2. mathrick

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Bug Description: Signatures in old posts are not formatted as such, and instead run-in with the post body. URL that it occurred: Any post before the redesign was deployed Additionally, signatures have not been preserved in people's profiles if set, so everyone was reset to having no signature in new posts.
  3. mathrick

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    I've mentioned it on multiple occasions before, but I found P7 to open too hard to be enjoyable. I do not have any WS jumps on it, only belly, and I'd very much not recommend it for anyone looking for a canopy that can be taken to terminal. I have about 15 jumps on a P7 167 LPV, and it made me dread pitching the PC. That's not a good thing in my book. It also flies a bit too steep to be a good WS canopy, IMHO. It's very enjoyable to fly, and the flare is good, but with a WS, maximising the glide is what gets you home when you fuck up the flight pattern. Horizon is, in a word, boring. It flies like an Optimum, packs like an Optimum, opens like an Optimum. And the Optimum was made to be compact and boring. Not a bad thing at all to have in a WS canopy, but be prepared for an extremely unexciting ride. It doesn't fly quite as flat as WinX, but less steeply than a P7 in my experience. My personal favourite (and personal canopy) remains WinX. It flies really flat, but is still rather agile and surprisingly fast with good flare, though you're definitely not gonna be swooping that. The openings are really good and positive without being painful. At WL 1.8+, it reportedly begins to open a bit too fast, but I only load mine at 1.3, so I wouldn't know. But even at 1.8, it has an incredible glide range, as evidenced by my friend who still made it back on his 135 when we opened in a spot even I didn't think would make it back from. I got my WinX through a dealer recommended by a DZ buddy, so I don't really have anything to complain about in terms of customer support.
  4. Currently 1h15 - 1h20. On the way back more like 1h30. Used to be 45 min at one point, but then I moved and the DZ commute increased (but also my work commute went from almost an hour down to about 6 minutes or 8 by bike, so it's still a massive win).
  5. In my experience, going from the US is not a problem. The problem is when you're originating in the EU, or going through second security check in Europe (both Germany and UK do that, even if you're on a transfer flight, never leave the demarcated security zone and have gone through the security check before boarding your originating flight). Unlike the TSA, which has actual, consistent and enforced rules for skydiving rigs, the European security officers don't actually work to any particular standard, and there's no appeal process of any sort. I've had supervisors explicitly refuse to intervene when individual officers made mutually exclusive decisions on gear, and I've seen 1 rig out of a group of 13 not pass through the UK check. I've had my rig refused "because it has cables and springs" (I'm not making it up), and I've had my forgotten hook knife refused whilst the person in front of me was let through with a 45cm pair of metalworking pliers because "it's work tools". Most likely, you'll have no problem whatsoever boarding the plane in the US, at most they might want to see your x-ray card and do an explosive swab, but you run the risk of not being able to make it back (and have no way of predicting when it's likely to happen). My personal recommendation is to check it in, tie pull up cords around the handles, and leave little notes on your handles and the AAD labelling them as emergency safety equipment and asking the personnel not to fuck with them without your being present. That's what I've been doing, and I've had much less (ie. none) grief than trying to fly from Europe with the rig as carry on.
  6. mathrick

    Video: Pilot Chute in Tow on your Reserve?

    Do you have a wider shot of the flap, both closed and open if possible?
  7. mathrick

    Video: Pilot Chute in Tow on your Reserve?

    Sorry, I did not in any way intend to cast doubt on your reliability. The only reason I was referring to "hearsay" is that there's no actual communication from the mfg nor a complete, unified account of changes, and the grapevine, as it were, is not really a proper substitute. The only party to blame for that is, of course, the mfg, and not the fine folk here. Apologies if I offended anyone!
  8. mathrick

    Video: Pilot Chute in Tow on your Reserve?

    Yeah, sorry, I do mean the reserve pin flap. I also have no idea how, but I've seen far too many Wings where the pin flap just pops open if you so much as look at it funny. And it's hard to inspect, because you can't just open it, so you have to peel it far back, all the way to the retainer strap, to be able to see the pin properly, and even then it's at an awkward angle. That might also have something to do with the flap eventually developing a propensity for opening on its own. The bottom corners being more sewn in is the point exactly, and it can make a huge difference. These corners are sewn in to prevent the freebag from coming out too easily (and thus prevent out of sequence deployment and freebag strips, which would be disastrous). Overdo it, and you now have created a reserve tray where the freebag doesn't come out at all if the angle is wrong. Which seems like the line Wings has crossed. I have no problem believing these pictures, but these pictures have never been mentioned any other time anyone claimed the redesign. And also, if the best source is someone going "and they did it again in 2017 I think?", then that very much continues to be hearsay. Either your RPC needs a redesign, and you communicate that, or it doesn't. Watercooler stories on the interwebs don't cut it IMHO. And RPCs are kinda very different from riser covers, for multiple reasons. One, riser covers are not TSO'd components and are rarely critical for the proper operation of the system. You can have two different designs in different rigs where one of them is a "nice to have" upgrade for those who want to pay extra without compromising safety. Which is exactly how it works with most manufacturers. If an RPC on the other hand warrants a redesign, I want to know why that is, and I want to see an SB that explains it detail, together with whether it's an optional, recommended or mandatory change. Two, you're not going to swap riser covers on a rig or move them between rigs. They won't get lost and need to be bought from the spare parts catalogue, so there's no question of compatibility. For RPCs, it's entirely different, and I want compatibility spelt out explicitly, even if it's to say "both old and new design are 100% compatible with all rigs out on the market". Those are not trivial matters, those are things required to rig stuff properly to the professional and legal standard that I need.
  9. mathrick

    EPs: Look up before pulling reserve?

    The standard place seems to be around the cutaway housing. Is there anything wrong with that?
  10. mathrick

    Video: Pilot Chute in Tow on your Reserve?

    And yet, there still has been no SB, nor any other form of communication on that matter that I know of, no materials for the riggers that I've seen mention that, nor does the spare parts catalogue make any mention of that (and what the compatibility between the new/old rigs and RPCs might be). I don't think advertising the RPC of all things as a "rigging breakthrough" on their product page counts, especially since the RPC is widely recognised to be one of the worst in the industry (at least before the redesign, so at best your headline boils down to "not quite as shitty anymore"). All I've ever heard about the redesign is unsourced hearsay here on that differs from poster to poster. They also don't seem to have changed the ridiculously large and heavy cap I think? Which has a significant effect on the system's performance, so there's that. And yes, the corners are ridiculous and stupid (and really don't look like they're gonna be harmless if your position is not ideal) and so is the reserve flap design which is simultaneously a needless PITA to rig and inspect for the jumper AND somehow more likely to come open in freefall. Just about the only thing that I can think of that they actually fixed is the "thread the RSL/ripcord under the cutaway housing" thing, which in fairness wasn't super difficult to follow, but hey, one more thing someone somewhere won't misrig.
  11. mathrick

    Have you ever had an arm trapped?

    The wingsuit I did my FJC in had its arm zipper fail during the time I was using it. I intentionally did one jump after it did (knowing full well I'd have to use the cutaway), but with slightly different timing it could very well have happened during a jump. I won't refuse to jump a suit without arm cutaways, but I want mine to have them. Less so for leg cutaways, these seem fairly useless (save perhaps for the very big suits with leg wings extending well pas the feet, but I've not jumped anything so big and won't for a good while still).
  12. mathrick

    US DZ operating Skyvan or Sherpa

    Are you really sure about Bay Area Skydiving? Them having a Skyvan would be huge news, last week they were using a Caravan.
  13. So in other words, just a regular CRW packjob?
  14. mathrick

    A new way for filming

    You seem to be confused about what skydiving entails.
  15. mathrick

    Second Chantz

    That's a fair point. Paragliders have that amusing thing where you can get a reserve packing video which pretty much says "considering getting a, y'know, qualified rigger to do this for you, but if you really insist, here's a video on how to pack the reserve you just bought".