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  1. Dos


    This is the ultimate bicellular elliptic canopy. I tried Semi/fully elliptic canopies before (Crossfire 2, Stiletto, Sabre 2) and this X-Fire is quite the bomb compared to the previous ones. It has na absolutely incredible harness response. I really feel connected to the canopy and the fact it has no stabilizers provides a nice over steer. It's the very first canopy I feel I have full control on. It's a Schuemann Planform designed canopy meaning the leading edge is super elliptic while trailing edge is quite flat. I see it as a bicellular Leia. Rears are super powerful. Fronts are quite hard but nothing unmanageable. Toggle turns (yes I tried those) are super slow but those breaks have like an infinite resource while landing. Openings are very nice but not too slow. Almost always on heading and predictable. You can feel Icarus put some effort on this part! I jumped a stiletto for 400 jumps before the X-Fire so I might be biased . I think I might stick with an X-fire (I own a 102 for now) if I want more in a few hundred jumps instead of going to the cross braced realm.
  2. Looks pretty expensive and full of snag hazard for us :(
  3. Looks pretty nice ! I plan on changing my old GoPros and your video made me seriously consider that sony cam :)
  4. I just received mine. Works great with a nice quality. Kris, you are the Man !
  5. Talking about safety, this looks super great ! But, I'd be too afraid to loose my cam at the door or during a collision. Specially when freeflying. Thanks for sharing though :)
  6. Hi :) You already answered your question. At first, students are only told basics and mandatory safety instructions. If not, the amount of informations would be too huge and students coulds loose focus on primary things to keep in mind. I think there's no way you'd annoy people by asking questions. It will demonstrate you dig in safety and progress which is a very good thing with students (you know, some saw freefly, wingsuit, mister bills and whatever looks cool and want to do it because they feel ready) Just learn step by step. Is your DZ organizing events for rookies ? teaching some basic canopy piloting lessons, jump run understanding, how to plan a tracking jump, and so on ? I did learn a lot in these little classes. Internet is also a great source of information even if you CANNOT rely on it like the messiah's parole. Always actualy ask some instructors / experts at your DZ even if you don't have doubts about new knowledge you got. Welcome in the sky dude :) stay safe and blue skies ;)
  7. My savior :') What flatlock adaptator did you use ? The Fuel or G3 version ? I was thinking about getting a custom composite plate made for my Speed (similar to one I saw here on an orange Fuel helmet)
  8. A very simple editing software is Openshot ( ) and it works on Linux, Windows and Mac. It's certainly not the most powerfull but it is quite easy to use.
  9. Well thank you, I'll give it another try then !
  10. I received mines (after being litteraly robbed by the customs) These are very cool and as efficient as expected. The only con is that it doesn't work with the Session mount (the end nut of the mount seams to be sealed on the mount and I didn't manage to get it out in order to replace it by the schier clamp. Fortunately, I still have some GoPro 3 mounts that work just fine :)
  11. anyone knowing a mouth switch that would work with the wifi connexion of a camera ? (precisely the Panasonic DMC-GX80) I think it could be possible but real less easy to craft than the good ol' wired connector.
  12. Thank you for the explanations :) I'm a bit less ignorant :D
  13. What would be the point in using 2 GoPros ? I'm not criticizing here, just wondering why. I'm using 2 gopros myself : one to actualy have a video and the second one on time lapse mode to take still pictures.