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  1. See my post with pictures of my Sony AZ1 on a cookie G3:;page=unread#unread Still work GREAT! Caren
  2. Air traffic control authority by demand of the Ministry of infrastructure within the Netherlands want to limit all general aviation to a maximum altitude of 5000ft. This is happening unannounced, at the largest dropzone (and organizer of the 2015 world cup) in the Netherlands, latest April first 2019. Why, because the big commercial airport for enough away needs a little extra airspace. Continuation of the DZ and complete Airfield (since we bring 50% of the revenue) is not longer possible and liquidation is facing us. If you think this needs to be stopped, please leave your name and email at the petition below. For foreign friends it's a bit though because of the language. However you can you this link to sign the petition to hopefully stop this stupid idea You'll receive a confirmation email, unfortunately also in Dutch, But this email asks you for confirmation of the signature and if you're convinced you want to sign. The FIRST link provided in this email (ends with "confirm") is the last thing you've to do to support us. After that you're signature is confirmed and counted. Pleas help us, sign and share this around the skydiving community world wide! And thank you for the support! Caren
  3. magnets are indeed very strong, but that stops after ... 1-1.5 centimeters. And we tested the camera while using the magnets: no interference what so ever. Note also that the magnets are on the helmet side, the camera side is just covered with metal, so to make the magnets stick. Caren
  4. just to share: at the beginning of this year we bought a very nice small Sony AZ1 action cam and made the camera mount ourselves, using the Cookie Flatlock Adapter and some neodymium magnets to hold the camera on the mount. The magnets do not only make it very simple to get the camera on-and-off the mount, but it also prevents snagging issues: when the camera would snag it will just be 'ripped off' the helmet. I already made some 30 jumps (FF) with it, and it works great! Just take a look and give your feedback. (NO, I do not have a problem with the magnets so close to my head and NO, the pilot does not mind regarding the magnets and his instruments, we checked) Caren
  5. Congratulations! The drift is an amazing and very well formatted camera :-) no snaps or other strange stuff can happen. Good for you! Caren
  6. Go and have a look at the "reading material" article in this forum. It is more accurate info and it is for free :-) Caren
  7. Thanks! What's your wingload? and you use a standard slider I guess? (with the 120 we still use the mess-slider, which is OK) having >1500 jumps on a lightning and >500 jumps CF Storm with spider, I know how a quick opening feels Caren
  8. Is there anybody on this forum that jumps the PD Storm 107 with freefall (FS, Wingsuit, ...)? So openings on terminal? I have a CF Storm 107 for 3 years now, with +400 jumps on it, but all with CF, so hop-and-pop. I know that the difference between the 107 (and smaller) and the 120 (and bigger) is that PD has stretch the top-skin more over the nose on the bigger canopies, to allow a more relaxed opening (owning also a 120 myself, I know that high-speed openings are no problem with that canopy) But now I want to start using the 107 also for freefall. Before doing an actual jump with it, I would like to hear any experiences.. Caren
  9. found some footage, look between 8:56 and 9:21 and you see some clips that show the setup of the 12 way. And yes, no stack but almost all in plane.... (by the way, I grew some muscles keeping track of the stack going down... :-) Caren
  10. I once saw a 12 -way stack being build (i was the cameraman) by a group of english crw-nuts it was partly build as using a planed formation, partly stack. The biggist problem was that it was swinging at the low-end, making it VERY hard to dock. Eventually the succeeded the full formation (uk record as i remenber) I should have the video somewhere..... If i find them i will post them edit: picture found and attached Caren
  11. look at this video, at around 1:00: and you will see what a burble can do with a non-CRW canopy (if I remember correctly, this was a Velocity our one-time cameraman was using) what size do you need? we have a CF Storm 97 for sale and belgium is just over the border Caren
  12. i have been using the drift for quite some time now, nice camera with some nice features: - direct view-back via little screen on camera - cable connection from drift directly to TV (cinch) - storage on SD card - usb connection for link to PC - remote control to start/stop recording - standard camera srew-attachement possible - operated on two standard AA batteries (looooong life) - 170 degree wideangle (so no eye-sight needed :-) - turnable lens I am using the standard version (no HD) but the footage is good enough for debrief. It can record on 16x9 or 4x3 no picture yet, but I am using it as bellycam and also on top of a vapor narrow. Others have attached in on several other types of helmets. Caren
  13. ok, lets try this a last time, apparently it hard for all of you to read, or hard for me to explain (or both...) what i am looking for is:An address of a (internet-)shop that sells the sony half moon connector as a separate item, so without any extra cabling, plugs or whatever. I would like to get the FEMALE version, since I want to use it to make an own cable to connect to a Sony CX115 videocam (10pin AV Jack (A/V R)) A second question if for the more techies of you: is there a part-number and/or part-name that describes this connector better than 'half moon'. As far as I can find, it is also referred to as 'sony 10-pin D Lanc connector, but i would like to get the true part-name. and YES i saw the articles about the - laslo adaptor cameye - hypeye - connector pin schedule (which by the way is great help) so, anybody out there that can really help? Caren
  14. Thanks, i did already took a look at that thread before my post here.... The thread again does not mention what i would like to know: where to by the Connector By now i have multiple addresses for the complete cable and adaptor, but i would like to get the connector. Caren