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  1. See my post with pictures of my Sony AZ1 on a cookie G3:;page=unread#unread Still work GREAT!
  2. you can use a Kill cone: round piece of fabric with a grommet (nr 8) in the middle through which the pilot-chute will be (partly) pulled. The key difference between pulling the PC through the bridle-ring and through the kill-cone ring is that the kill cone fabric will be pushed around the mesh part of the PC and stop it from inflating. (sorry do not have a picture, that would make it more clear)
  3. CaTo

    Storm vs. StormCF

    CF Storm has dacron lines, enforced nose (do not know if the normal storm has cascades) so packs a little bigger. Flight characteristics should be the same I guess. Note that below 120 sq/ft CF storms are REAL competition CF canopies, the 120 and above are re-designed and have the nose-skin pulled over the nose (for better openings) This results in collapsing cells if you fly in front of it without directing re-inflating. So NOT good for doing competition CF Since we ordered first the CF120, fly it and then decided to order the 107 to have the real CF characteristics, we now use the 120 for free-fall, and thus opening on terminal. NO PROBLEM. No bag, using the mesh slider (i.s.o. the spider we'd put on) Just do not pull out the nose during packing, and open stable :-) hope this helps
  4. CaTo

    Flying a Storm with Lightning?

    we did: making formations together is somewhat impossible: storm flies with steeper angle and is much faster. our cameraman in the CF-2 team does uses a lightning together with our storms, but also has a high wingload on that lighting, and uses the b-line toggles and our burble a lot to stay close.
  5. CaTo

    Aerodynne Triathlon / Triathlon CRW ?

    CRW canopy hat: - dacron linien und rote a-linien im mitten und die zwei ausseren linien - die nase is gestarkt, - keine cascades zwissen die a und b linien - retractable pilot chute (sorry, weiss die ubersetzung nicht) - nicht immer ein slider sondern ein spider mehr information uber CRW in den presentation on:
  6. CaTo

    North West Parachute Centre

    Very nice little center, with an unusual airplane: XL 750. It flies fast, has space for 18 and has a left door, almost like a Cesna caravan. The people at the center are welcome, and pay attention to newcomers and regulars, first-timers and 1000+ jumpers. We were lucky with the weather, blue skies and not too much wind on the only day we could visit the center. We would certainly visit again.
  7. CaTo

    Shooting CRW Video

    that really depends on what the formation looks like: a normal 4-way will decent almost as normal as one flying canopy. It is my opinion that the best canopy you can fly is of the same type and wingload of the canopies used in the formation. Use some frontrisers to get lower and closer, and steering line input if you end up too fast or want to go up. Also, the burble of the formation can be a good place to be in order to stay with it.... For the video footage it is best to keep a straight line as much as possible, so without doing too much of sashays For still pictures, you can have multiple angles and places to be. Sometimes you want to have that complete formation, but sometimes you want to make a 'different' picture, inside the formation. I added two examples below. Furthermore: get some CRW practice yourself! it will help you a great deal in making better footage and unusual shots.
  8. CaTo

    Peleng 8mm?

    I bought one at the beginning of this year, made some test-shots on the ground, not yet in the air. Hopefully this weekend the sky is blue again in holland, so I can give it a try in the air. Will post the result (if any ) by the way, I have a d350, and the lens is completely manual, but I guess you already read that in the specs.
  9. CaTo

    Bullet Cam Issues

    hi, I am using the bullet cam(s) for over a year now, and are veryhappywith it. recently I installed a second cam on my helmet, with a wider lens, and can switch between the two cameras in flight. The coloration you are mentioning is not recognizable to me. But that can also be because I usualy do not have big differences in light, filming merely CRW. But try to replace the camera at rfconceps, they have great end user support (I had to chnage mine because I saw vignetting with my first cam) And about the LANC: you have to use a cameye sports in combination with the recorder,this will enable you to have a record button that directly starts recording. Note that the recoder has to be in video mode hope this helps
  10. CaTo

    "Bullet" cameras?