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  1. OMG Mandy... I remember that outing as well...I was laughing so hard at him and the way he was driving the bus, that was the day that I found out he hated it when I popped my gum really loud, so whenever we got on a load together, I would make it a point to sit beside him to pop my gum. I remember one particular load we got on in the Porter on the back bench and I was popping my gum and he took me into a headlock....I thought about pulling his reserve, but he let me go. I was going through my pics of Skyfest and he's in almost every pic I took, acting like he was just a random bystander. We went to Walmart together in the big town of Rosharon, Texas....one of the funniest trips to a Walmart EVER...he was looking for a clip to replace the one he broke on his camera suit...and then after that we ultimately ended up at a liquor store....whodathunkit? Lee and beer or I should say, Lee and Newcastle. He always said Hello to me on yahoo instant messenger. His heart is like no other. I mean it Brandy, anything you need, I am here...even if you just want to come down to St. Pete and get away.
  2. Are ya modifying the list when you are digging it back up???? Even though, his name isn't on the list anymore, Andy is coming with me...I figured you would be kinda partial to him since he does share the same name.
  3. AJskydiver AllisonH Avalonwings Bch7773 BigBug BigM BillyVance (maybe) bloody BETTER BE dude...that's right - I'm yelling!!!Laugh Bolas Blueskyserenity Carbonezone ccowden Chaoskitty CrazyRick crutch CSpenceFly DaGimp & PornKitty DownwindDave dzmemories flskydiver FlyDoc fmmobley Goofyjumper HeyNoSeriously hisgoofyness Hushpuppy icevideot Icon134 (still maybe... Frown Ifallfast Jeannier JeepDiver Jeiber Jerrald JesSke Julie jumpchikk jumpingbean001 LadyBug Lauraliscious LittleSkyCrab LoveBug matt1215 McDuck + his Cora MicDuran Mirage62 Missg8tor + Chris Meng MOUTH and hubby mwabd1 namgrunt nannerbanner ncfitzge oozzee PapaSke Peregrinerose Pitts twins Popsjumper Psychobob and Psychopatty Pyke Rastaricanair RedBug Revillusion RevJim skinnyshrek jumper03 Skydave Skydivingchad Skymama Speedygonzales Stitch smud79 T teamjenn1 Thanatos340 TinMan Team Dirty Sanchez The Falling Gators TMaricle55 TMPattersonJr (maybe) Turtle Whodamiss and Freelyflyn71 wildcard451 + dick in a box woodpecker yardhippie 2fat2fly Added Andy and myself.
  4. Don't listen to Max, Laura. I'll handle him. Come down here and make some jumps with me!!
  5. Bobo, I'm gonna buy you a hemmoroids pillow to sit on. Drive in increments...you can stop in Tallahassee and then Gainesville and then we will get you so inebriated in Gainesville that you will forget about your back. I waved at you as I drove by on I-10 today. Hope you saw me. Really gonna miss you. Heal quickly.
  6. LOL!!! Okay, I am a little drunk on the Christmas Cab I just had...but wtf are you tawkin bout willis???
  7. I think a Tiger needs to be brought into the picture and it needs to be biting Albert's head off, if I remember correctly from earlier in the year. No worries, all's fair in love and football....I'm just thinking how silly that shirt's gonna look after January 8th
  8. Sooo...do we need to start a list for the petting zoo outing for Friday night??
  9. Well, we are still up in the air, boobies or sea creatures...what do you guys think??
  10. Are you calling Jean a Ho? No he said 'Hos'.....he is calling both of us a ho What's cheaper adopting a sea creature or adopting boobies?? I looked at those sea creatures and they ain't cheap.
  11. Friday, December 29, 2006. We will be leaving Gainesville after I get off of work, so if you want to ride or caravan, that would be coolio.
  12. Pilot 150 Custom I dig the hell out of this canopy
  13. THE LIST: Chris Meng falling.gator - UF Isaiah McCauliffe jumpchikk Max Minch missg8tordivr mwabd1 Ward Hessig
  14. Noooo, that strap on does not belong to me!! That is J's strap on and yes, the strap-on slapping was truly a sight to behold!! Sorry Turtle
  15. I have photographic evidence that you were there, nice try
  16. Since when do you listen to what I have to say? I managed to get a ride up there, so I'm a coming!!