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  1. Hello Meso, You R the man - signed in with Internet Explorer and all seems to be well as per the ability to reply here. A pc savvy friend of mine had me update Firefox in order to download adblock on to it. Maybe the problem is with the latest version of Firefox or having adblock blocking popups. Any ideas on that? Can't believe I figured out to do a word document to work around the problem to communicate with you. Don't want to do it again or all the time though. Thanks again for the tip. Frank
  2. wan2doit

    Windtunnel at DZ Krutitcy Russia

    Tunnel's Windspeed 4 dynamic flying YES but extra space in tunnel for acceleration into the wall was my attempt at being facetious. ;)
  3. wan2doit

    Windtunnel at DZ Krutitcy Russia

    Good thing about a 9 footer is a flyer can't gain much speed into a wall interaction.
  4. wan2doit

    How long to wait before starting back fly?

    Thanks, shoulder fine now. Guess what - When U get good at looking up it may get harder/crazier when coach says "OK now put head way back and look at tunnel wall in order to navigate around the tunnel when on your back" - really really tricky. Putting head way back also generates more lift when on back.
  5. wan2doit

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Just went to wind tunnel index - https://www.dropzone.com/forums/forum/47-wind-tunnels/ Had a previous interest in and had commented to the "Canadian laws and wind tunnels thread". This wind tunnel index page indicated 0 replies to the thread topic. I remembered commenting on it so opened it to see if post was deleted - that was not the case and 3 replies were there that were there b4 shift to new format. Not end of world - just figured you all may want to know.
  6. wan2doit

    Newbie need help with gear

    I noticed your knees were somewhat close together most of the time when trying to get lift from the floor when back flying. I always was told to think of a flower opening (simultaneously spreading my arms and knees apart until I'm as high as I want to be when ascending from the floor and at the same time keeping from my knee to ankle horizontal so fwd or rev drive isn't unintentionally created. Easier to say than do - I'm still very far from perfect. Coaches told me the lift while back flying is generated by the outside of one's thighs as they are opened wider, the arch of the back and laying the head back as far as possible (noticed your head up so you could see around). Personally I try to look at least straight up so I can know where I am in the tunnel by watching the top of the tunnel. Have seen coaches lay their head back to the point their visor is facing the wall using that as a position guide. Back flying proficiently takes a good amount of time IMHO - more than we would ever want to admit. $$$ ;) But so much fun when it all clicks.
  7. wan2doit

    Newbie need help with gear

    Belly to back isn't a matter of arm or shoulder strength - cupping the chest/shoulders to catch the air is what I believe provides the lift to rotate onto your back. Kind of like de-arching to ascend up in the tunnel. Also keep legs bent as you approach back fly position as straightening them will cause over rotating EVERY time - guaranteed. ;) Here's an IBA vid that might help - https://tunnelflight.com/skills/back-flying/belly-to-back-back-flip Check closely with the coach on this as I am a relative beginner also and still have problems/injury with belly to back transition. IMHO your progression is phenomenal compared to mine - Congratulations. OBTW U can make your video links "live" by clicking the "url" button below this window at the beginning and end of your link as U install it. (e.g. https://youtu.be/v_O0X0aQv-I That way one can get right to it by cliking the link on your post.
  8. wan2doit

    Sale One Day only - G-Form

    Knee and Elbow pads - https://g-form.com/teal-flash-sale?utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=64578843&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_d2fLaUHbISU1lyfOQRbaARSwft91oMfm3sD5CmshKu_UcWXtqkkWrpA5m90iFwGXk5sSg4RlwtNWr7e2QAllzswRlWA&_hsmi=64625211
  9. Gabe, did your program align or coordinate with iFLY's "All Abilities Night" ? Did U just buy discounted time and fund your guests or did they pay you some of it back somehow? Seems like at some point - if free to guests - your program might have eaten into available flight time for 1st time flyers time that I have heard is iFLY's bread and butter. What you were doing was great but it seems like rapid expansion could have inevitably run into tough challenges. Would love to know more but can understand if that's a problem too.
  10. wan2doit

    Gear Suggestions for Tunnel Flyers

    Sounds like a decision needs to be made whether to look good or be pain free. Seems like black outside on white sleeves might look OK. Taping them which I need to do to secure them might be iffie for looks but IMHO it is worth it to keep them in right position. After some use or due to wild movements in the tunnel the elastic loosens or moves a little (at least on me) and I believe it is important to keep the pad exactly centered on the joint to realize full benefit of the pads. Attached video shows yellow g-forms in use on first competitor at around 3-55 into video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5Hnrkz7H7k&feature=youtu.be Apparently the young man in this vid is serious about keeping pads where they need to be - or WHY use them. Be as accurate as possible when measuring your body dimensions for g-form sizing - maybe have a helper - if dimensions fall in the middle between 2 sizes - go to the smaller g-form size - They also make compression shorts with hip and tailbone pads on them. Also be aware they have some high discount sales that are worth the wait IMO up to 40%. From my experience these pads will very effectively protect whatever they are covering. No experience with the pads at the link you provided but they look to be a lot bulkier than the g-forms. Also understand g-forms look very thin but the material in the pads is extremely hi-tech and do work for Sure - no guessing with g-form IMHO. Most including me wait until a bad hit to buy them. My 1st hit to cost me 2 months of tunnel flying was on my tailbone - very painful for a month then one more to get comfortable again. I was told I was lucky by a pro flyer. Many instructors I know wear them but waited too lomg like me to get them HaHa one in fact had elbow bone fragments floating around inside his arm before getting the g-forms. There's an old saying from where I'm at that says - "if one is going to be dumb they need to be tough". I know about that from my tailbone hit. Last advise - get pads before you get hurt badly - no need for long term pain elbows, knees, tailbones are vulnerable especially in the beginning of one's learning curve on a new skill. Good Luck in this amazing sport.
  11. wan2doit

    Tunnel Time vs. Buying a rig (New skydiver)

    Just mentioned the IBA so Rashiid could go look at the recommended learning sequence for bodyflight. One good thing among others about the sky is there isn't any wall to collide into. ;) I would think it takes a lot of skydives to rack up hours needed in freefall to learn the numerous flying skills folks desire to do at 45 seconds of per freefall during a skydive. Of course I only tunnel fly so either route someone takes is fine with me. To each his/her own.
  12. wan2doit

    Gear Suggestions for Tunnel Flyers

    G-Form pads rock for sure. Spoke to a person at a tunnel last night who was learning back layouts that can fram your knees into the wall. I asked if they wore knee and elbow pads. Ans. was NO they won't fit under the tight custom fit flightsuit. Felt bad that I didn't think to advise wearing them outside - will correct that on a pm.
  13. wan2doit

    Tunnel Time vs. Buying a rig (New skydiver)

    Maybe consider registering with International Bodyflight Association (IBA) or just check out their site to see the skills progression dashboard. https://tunnelflight.com/ IBA's learning plan organizes bodyflight skills in a manner that provides a foundation to build and add safety to learning the next skill. Took me about 12 hours in a tunnel to learn levels 1 and 2. Thought it would get easier as I progressed but it hasn't for me. Building muscle memory (reverse alzheimers to me) takes me quite a bit of time. Sample IBA dashboard below:
  14. wan2doit

    Phase 2 - Delayed Reaction...

    Just to let U know jaguaR - Went for 1st physical therapy today - and guess what? - they sent me home with a wide flat rubber band "theraband" to do tension exercises (internal and external arm swings to build up cuff internal muscles for endurance. Doesn't take too many reps for the burn to start - reminded me of how my shoulders felt after the first 15 min during the 1st half hour of tunnel flying I did at an iFLY Orlando overnight camp. Brad Hunt wasn't kidding in Orlando when he told me during my 2nd overnight camp that mantis was easier on the shoulders - will share his advise with emphasis whenever I can now - should have worked more on mantis but to eager to do the cool fancy stuff. ;) When I get back in tunnel it will be all about flying mantis until I can do it properly. I do believe now that this was caused by flying with arms out too far most of the time over 13 hours in tunnel and adding 27 lbs of weight to fly for 3 - 15 min sessions with the 4 way group at 7.5 % higher than normal speeds for me.