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  1. skycatcher68

    USPA rule applicability

    Well considering what the SIM says itself: It would seem what Mr. Mullins is proposing is an overreach. The section in the BSRs under APPLICABILITY reemphasizes that the procedures are voluntary
  2. I don't know how I ended up on this thread, but the scene the OP asked about is from the movie, The Spirit of St. Louis with Jimmy Stewart. It's during Lindbergh's barnstorming days flashback and there are jumpers who....well, found a link. It's at 2:55.
  3. skycatcher68

    New jump plane in our future?

    No, 19 passengers is the max before you need a flight attendant. -Mark I'm sure that Cessna will certify this thing in the Part 23 Commuter Category which allows it to weigh more than 12,500 lbs. although at over 12,500 the pilot will need a type rating and it will likely be certified for both single-pilot and two-pilot operation, like King Air 350s are, provided the pilot holds a single-pilot type rating. A flight attendant is required with more than 19 passengers and is also the Part 23 Commuter Category maximum, however, a second pilot is required under Part 91.531(3) if the airplane has more than nine passenger seats excluding a pilot seat, i.e. an airplane can have nine passenger seats and two pilot seats but can only carry a maximum of nine passengers when operated single-pilot even if a passenger is sitting in the co-pilot seat. Ten or more passenger seats requires two pilots even if there are no passengers on board.
  4. Going by the manufacturer's recommendations, Performance Designs, there are five different skill levels: student, novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert. So if I take a 215lbs jumper add 20 lbs for an exit weight of 235lbs, here's what Performance Designs max recommended weight for each skill level. Storm 210 Student: 158 Novice: 210 Intermediate: 221 Advanced: 242 Expert: 263 Silhouette 210 Student: 147 Novice: 157.5 Intermediate: 179 Advanced: 210 Expert: 231 So a Storm 210 would be an Advanced canopy at that weight, but a Silhouette 210 would be an Expert canopy. When I originally made the comment I didn't add the 20lbs of gear so a Storm 230 would probably be more appropriate at this time, but given that Performance Designs is going to take five months to make it then a Storm 210 might be a better choice, but a Silhouette 210 would still be an Expert canopy and not likely a good choice. What if the Bible had been written by Stephen King?
  5. What model of canopy are you interested in? What does the manufacturer say? For example, if you're looking to fly a Safire or a Storm then it shouldn't be a problem, but a Silhouette will be dangerous. The PIM is just a basic guide, but on some models it could get you into trouble. What if the Bible had been written by Stephen King?
  6. skycatcher68

    Wall Street Journal

    It is not inaccurate considering the context of the preceding two sentences: If an AAD isn't intended to open your reserve parachute if you're too paralyzed with fear to do so, what then is an AAD there for? What if the Bible had been written by Stephen King?
  7. skycatcher68

    Wall Street Journal

    There wasn't anything said in the WSJ article that wasn't also said by Dan Brodsky-Chenfield in Above All Else. I read the article closely for something that someone could point to as wholly inaccurate and couldn't find it. What if the Bible had been written by Stephen King?
  8. skycatcher68

    What's a barrel roll?

    Parachutes don't generate lift? Then what are they there for? I think that barrel roll might be the correct term considering that the skydiver, lines, and canopy are all experiencing a positive G-loading during the roll, imagine what it would look like if they weren't. I think a more accurate definition is that the axis of rotation has to above the center-of-gravity which in the videos is the case. Again, why don't you think that a parachute generates lift? A normal barrel roll in an airplane is done at little more than 1G, it's one of the least stressful aerobatic maneuvers that an airplane can do. Another term for a barrel-roll is 'displacement roll' in that the aircraft is displaced from it's flight path during the roll. Clearly, the flight path of the center-of-gravity of the parachute system (the parachutist) is clearly displaced around the flight path at a positive G loading. I submit that the maneuvers in the videos are in fact barrel rolls.
  9. Just found this on youtube: A powered parachute cluelessly circling over the LZ at low altitude. A couple skydivers share their opinion from the ground.
  10. skycatcher68

    Perris Jet retired?

    The discussion was about how to join AOPA by getting a student pilot certificate. It had nothing to do with medicals. My point still stands, if someone wanted to get a student pilot certificate all they would need to do is go down to the FSDO and ask for one, they'll issue it on the spot. What if the Bible had been written by Stephen King?
  11. skycatcher68

    Perris Jet retired?

    From 8900.2 (which is the handbook for Designated Examiners) What if the Bible had been written by Stephen King?
  12. skycatcher68

    Perris Jet retired?

    You're right, there's a form to fill out. What if the Bible had been written by Stephen King?
  13. skycatcher68

    Perris Jet retired?

    I you don't have a current 3rd. class medical your Student Pilot Certificate is not valid. Sparky If you're over 14 years of age, you can get an SPC and act as PIC (Solo) of a glider or balloon without a medical certificate. And, if you're over 16 y/o, you can fly a sport plane with a driver's license in lieu of a medical certificate. What if the Bible had been written by Stephen King?
  14. skycatcher68

    Perris Jet retired?

    You can get a Student Pilot Certificate by going to the FSDO, or an examiner, and asking for one. What if the Bible had been written by Stephen King?
  15. skycatcher68

    Question regarding airplane emergency

    I'll bet in hindsight, this guy probably wished he had a parachute during this takeoff. Inadvertent Low-Altitude Bailout What if the Bible had been written by Stephen King?