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  1. FlyingRhenquest

    AFF at the end of the month

    If you'd told me any of the stuff I'd be doing in AFF a year before I did it, I'd have laughed at you. I was also a bit worried about my first malfunction as it didn't happen until around jump 160, but it was like I'd had the AFF training a day earlier when it happened, and I cut away and got to the ground otherwise uneventfully. The neat thing about this is every single person who goes through the program has a unique experience, even though the program is completely standard. We all have things we have problems with, like door fear or being able to hold a heading on jump 3, but things no one else could have predicted are going through your head as well. The best advice is try not to worry too much about the future until it gets here, and deal with what's in front of you right now. You'll be surprised at how much you're capable of, when you finally get there.
  2. FlyingRhenquest

    Cross Country Skydiving Trip!!

    I'd say Skydive Arizona in Eloy, but you'd have to go south to I10 to get there, and that might be too far out of your way. From there you can backtrack a bit to I25 and head north and hit Out of the Blue and Mile Hi in Colorado or keep going west and do the various California dropzones on your way up. If you're coming through in the winter, Eloy and California might be the best options. Shit gets scary north of the northern Colorado border in the winter. Wyoming, Montana and Utah have turnstiles out on the interstate they can use to shut it down when the snow gets so bad they can't deal with it.
  3. FlyingRhenquest

    Denver Locals

    Mile Hi in Longmont has fast planes and a huge landing area. The packing area is very nice. They don't fly Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I'm told landing here is pretty fast but I've never seen a visitor have a problem with it.
  4. FlyingRhenquest

    Almost 25 Years Later: Some Hazards of Resurrection

    You don't get much in the way of spotting at the dropzones I've jumped at, as the pilots are usually pretty good at it (Except for that ONE time...) But we have more horizontal flyers now too. Do much of that and you'll have to know where the spot is that you're aiming for and be pretty good at hitting that mark. So you can still get some practice at it. And if you do anything off-dz, like hot air balloon jumps, you're going to have to find your own place to land. So you're right back to spotting again, there. It's still a useful skill to have and it's always a good idea to look before just jumping out like some sort of lemming.
  5. FlyingRhenquest

    Sense of peace in freefall

    Oh yeah, I actually relaxed for the first time in the wind tunnel. I hit the air and just felt all my muscles just relax into it. Skydiving's pretty much the same way now. I relax as soon as the door opens and the cold air hits me. In freefall and in the tunnel, I always feel like I'm just going to melt away in the wind. Which... is kind of weird, I guess, but there you go.
  6. FlyingRhenquest

    Shaky hands after landing.

    Yep. Good ol' Adrenaline.
  7. FlyingRhenquest

    New plane jumper

    Ooh. You should pop over to the Bonfire and give Promise5 a holler. Skydive Arizona in Eloy is pretty nice to visit in the winter. You pretty much have an excuse to go running around the world jumping out of planes now. Doesn't pretty much everyone fly up there? Maybe you could talk a private pilot into letting you jump out of his plane. Your spotting skills will get a crazy workout doing that, but it could be fun. They just need to file a NOTAM with the FAA and find a suitable landing area for you.
  8. FlyingRhenquest

    Reserves Smaller than Main

    I have a mirage G4 with an Icarus Safire 2 230 and a PD Optimum 218 in it. This was not a problem at all for me the one time I've had a reserve ride on it so far.
  9. FlyingRhenquest

    New AFF Student w/ massive door fear!

    Yes, the door's scary. And yes, you do it anyway. That's kind of the point, isn't it? I think you need to see that you can do it and do it well. With 20 minutes in the tunnel, stability shouldn't be much of an issue. You know how to get stable, right? If the noise is the problem, maybe talk to your instructor about wearing ear plugs. They usually want to talk to you on the ride up, but perhaps you could put them in when you're coming around to jump run. If you can get past it, the door's just a door. The door in your head is a lot scarier than the door on the plane.
  10. FlyingRhenquest

    New sport, new experiences

    It's really not super-demanding. I was pretty out-of-shape when I started. I'm still not particularly athletic. Basically no endurance to speak of. Perhaps a tandem jump is more difficult, especially since you don't have the advantage of knowing what's going to happen. I never did one of those, so I can't say. Tunnel's pretty hard -- first time I did 6 minutes in the tunnel, I was sore for three days. I think you have a pretty good chance of that happening even if you're in reasonable shape, since you're not using them in the ways they expect to be, for much longer than a regular skydive. I did notice early on that I needed to build up an endurance to skydiving that unfortunately doesn't seem to translate well to anything else. You also learn to relax and not try to muscle your way through the air. A lot of my early effort was self-inflicted. Flow with the wind to achieve your goals, and it's a lot easier than trying to force the wind to do what you want. I also found flying a wingsuit to be much more of an effort than a normal skydive, but it didn't take long to get used to it. I think it's because I already knew about the flowing with the wind thing. For whatever that's worth. Hopefully at least some of that might help you in your journey. Good luck!
  11. FlyingRhenquest

    Banzai Skydiving?

    * Citation needed
  12. Coming up on 400 now, having started in July of 2012. I'd guesstimate neighborhood of 11 grand on non-coach jumps. AFF and coach jumps were somewhat more expensive. I've also spent a similar amount in equipment since I started.
  13. FlyingRhenquest

    New student from Atlanta

    Cool. We all went through the same stuff. It's surprising how fast you improve, really. Does Atlanta have a wind tunnel yet?
  14. FlyingRhenquest

    Is it safe for me to get trained to skydive?

    Sure. Safeish. See how you handle an AFF jump. Could have just been too tight tandem harness or something. Maybe you just forgot to breathe. It's easy to forget to breathe. I'm pretty sure I did my entire AFF 1-4, ride to altitude and all, without actually breathing.
  15. FlyingRhenquest

    Hello from Colorado

    Looks like you flared either way too late or not at all, but the video quality and the very short clip of the landing make it difficult to tell for sure. Was that the Nav 300 they put you on? I had the worst time with flaring on their big Navs. Talk with your instructor about doing some practice flares once you get deployed -- deploying at 5500 gives you some time to experiment. You might also want to practice your PLF a couple more time on the nice soft packing mats and always be ready to do them until you get your landings sorted out. Actually just talk to your instructor in general, about your last landing specifically and how to improve it. Even if you get the same instructors next time, they will likely have to be reminded what happened and should then be able to give you some constructive advice on how to fix it. If you get there early in the morning (around 7:30 - 8 AM) on a weekend, they're usually less frantic and the air's usually better. It gets a bit bumpy in the afternoon, even if we don't have rain. If there's a guy with a GoPro on your load, you might be able to talk them into trying to video your next landing, too. Most of them will be getting down before you do.