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  1. Awesome. I’m going to pre order a couple. Thanks Quote
  2. That looks almost perfect for my setup. Is the rear recording led blocked? That appears to be the only flaw for my use case. Good work!
  3. I think its a matter of getting the aircraft to travel down a relatively steep glide slope at near its minimum airspeed. That's the problem to be solved.
  4. Large Hadron Collider - powered by Linux :-)
  5. Where did you get the cable with the 90 bend in it? I could use one like that. Thanks!
  6. Cool, do they vignette? Can they be purchased? thanks
  7. I prefer 2 handles personally. Seem to operate smoother in my experience and nothing is crossing the middle of the slider distorting its shape. Probably comes down to personal preference.
  8. There is hell of a lot more water on this side. So that helps.
  9. There is never a shortage of warm moist wind on the internet.
  10. How do I get on the list for a demo of this bird?
  11. You expect UPT to put up skyhook videos that are anything less then perfect?
  12. If you're jumping from 12k+ then you have more then enough time to get all the shots. The customers will be much happier then 60 secs tight on their flapping face.
  13. Saw this happen to a friend of mine last year. Both bartacs holding the tabs where the lanyards attach to the slider failed. Very weird. His was also a para concepts. I have used their sliders for 5 plus years and my bartacs looked alright. I put an extra bartacs on mine after that happened to him. They were very surprised when he reported it to them. You should contact them if you haven't yet. I would be curious to know if his slider and yours was made around the same time.
  14. Jumping any rsl with stuff on your hat is foolish. What does the sky hook do to make sure you are clear or your malfunctioning main before activating your reserve? 7k 4.5k with cameras half were with side and top. Other half all top. Javelins Edit to add info.