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  1. hillson

    Easiest Stability Exits

    Jump more. It will come.
  2. hillson

    UPT sizing chart

    Or because the Speed uses a different, thinner, fabric, so therefore packs smaller? You're probably right. I haven't seen one yet. Just going with what my rigger reckons. Do you have any experience with it? Perhaps of a 150 in a V308? I have a 308. At those sizes you really need to step up to a larger container. Stop trying to cram the biggest shit in the smallest container you think will fit. How's your OP126 fit then? Should be loose according to the chart... Fits fine. Not loose by any stretch of the imagination.
  3. hillson

    UPT sizing chart

    Or because the Speed uses a different, thinner, fabric, so therefore packs smaller? You're probably right. I haven't seen one yet. Just going with what my rigger reckons. Do you have any experience with it? Perhaps of a 150 in a V308? I have a 308. At those sizes you really need to step up to a larger container. Stop trying to cram the biggest shit in the smallest container you think will fit.
  4. hillson

    Pilot 188 ZPX vs Vector 348

    What other "sources" do you need other than 1) the manufacturer's own words and 2) their long-standing published sizing chart? Low-bulk fabric isn't some sort of miracle-worker...especially when you're 20+sq over what the manufacturer considers a "tight fit." Buy a properly sized container FFS.
  5. hillson

    iFly Tampa

    November 2016, allegedly.
  6. hillson

    Skydiving companion iPhone app

    I'm feeling "red wine honest" so...not to piss in your Cheerios...just one dudes view from the DoubleTree hotel bar near SeaTac... The reason there is no "coherence in the skydiving app space" (whatever the fuck that means) is due to the fact these there is exactly zero worth spending money on. So with that said: 1) WL: I'm not sure that anyone really cares...or doesn't know how to use their iPhone calculator. I'm "about 2.0ish..." On a 120 I was 1.7ish and a 150 1.4ish. I suspect that most are the same when it comes to lack of specificity - and also blame the beer weight. Most ppl can give you a guess that is close enough. 2) don't understand "list of stats." Sameish size, sameish planform...pretty similar. This data already exists...look here or chat with another jumper. Not that hard to find a dude that jumped a pilot. More aggressive stuff...don't need an app. 3) DZ database. Already exists. Not in app form but why would dz.com give up their data? 4) see #1. This is very useless (so is the existing app) 5) various solutions already exist. The best require no input. I use the burble app tied to the manifest software. I pay my monies and it counts my jumps. Couldn't be easier. Some ppl like paper log books, some folks use an alti etc. who gives a shit about a "jump counter"? No one, really. Show up with a D license (USPA FAI BPA AFP CSPA etc etc etc) and no one really gives a shit so long as you can make a passable display of currency and reserve date. One even gets some small benefit of the doubt showing up with a C license. So, again...cool for new guys I guess Maybe some folks would like to develop apps and interfaces just for shits and giggles. Happens a bit within the swooping and wing suit crowds...but those are very small, specialized markets and the guys writing the code aren't worried about monetization. Back in the day I had a weather app that would pull the local AWOS data so I could see the conditions. All seemed very sexy and up to date...but also didn't really mean much. Now in the AM I take the dogs out for a squirt and I see low clouds, wind, and cold. Time to go back to sleep. So, no...I don't think there is a need. Maybe a new guy that just picked up a license...not too long after that it it simply annoying makework. Which, I think, might be the point.
  7. hillson

    Will Pilot 168 zpx ZP fit in a v347

    As an aside...what is the deal with the Nano? The max allowed weight is way lower than most "other" stuff on the market from PD and Aerodyne particularly as sizes get smaller. What, exactly, does "max allowed" weight mean - in an academic / TSO / fudge factor sense? Is it an individual manufacturers safety recommendation? Is it something tied to a TSO regime? I've never really thought about it as I've always had a PD reserve and never anywhere within a nine iron of the max exit weight. I'm not suggesting that someone pick the smallest and load it up before people start howling...there are plenty of "what size reserve if you're unconscious" threads. All of the newer LPV stuff say "tested to TSO C23d" with exit weights ranging from 254 (PD) to 167 (Icarus) on the same sized canopy. I'm just curious how the number is arrived at...?
  8. hillson

    Oil Price - Jump Prices

    Why should they? It doesn't take that many meatbombs to actually "break even" or "make money" on a single plane turn. Takes a lot more money to, er, run the place. Gotta pay the manifest ladies, gotta pay the guy that cuts the grass, gotta pay the electricity to keep the lights and heat on, gotta pay rent. Gotta pay the insurance for the thing with the spinny things. Gotta pay a loan and / or a lease on a plane (plus, likely, a "per head tax" to the actual owner). Shit...your P&W needs a new hot section...not cheap. Gotta pay the rigger to make sure your rental gear isn't a deathtrap...gotta buy some new(ish) tandem gear...not cheap. Wanna get that big turbine in for your boogie...gotta pay that ferry fee plus god knows what else. That extra buck or two they may charge probably won't cover it... Wanna make a bit more money, maybe? Don't own the DZ...own a fleet of planes. At the end of the day we spend what amounts to a small amount of money for essentially a wasteful (but fun) activity...almost literally "throwing money out an airplane door." Jump prices have been pretty flat for quite a bit...while the cost of every single thing has gone up. Everyone howls when the tickey goes up by a buck (imagine if they "normalized" at 5 or 10 bucks more...oof). We're generally "users" of DZs and not "contributors" in the grand sense...all the fun, less of the asspain. If they get a few extra pennies in the kitty due to favorable gas prices, so be it. I'm worth more than a tandem over time...but in a single instance, I'm not. etc etc
  9. hillson

    Safire 2 129 in a V308 Micron Rig?

    It will fit...though I found it (er, xf2 129) on the "larger" end of std fit if that makes sense. I know a few folks that use the Saf2 129 in a 308. I don't know why they list the Safire / Crossfire 119/129 on the same line for size as there was a noticeable difference. If you max out the reserve it will be a bit bricky.
  10. hillson

    Solo II issues

    I had the exact same thing happen. I replaced the batteries...worked well for a bit and then it did the same thing again. Sent it to L&B and they replaced it...no problems after that.
  11. hillson

    Contact Information

    Do you have other pictures of the rig - particularly the cutaway or the front of the rig (any embroidery on the ring covers / mudflaps/ whatever they're called)... That looks like an old team rig from that era...and I know of at least one from said team hanging out in FL, presently, that looks exactly the same.
  12. hillson

    USPA BOD meeting changes

    http://www.uspa.org/NewsEvents/News/tabid/59/Default.aspx#41376 I assume this is what you're looking for
  13. hillson

    drop zone radius?

    from the googlemachine...could be bullshit, dunno http://www.faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/libview_normal.aspx?id=7720 Skydiving operations with continuous activity may file a permanent NOTAM. These areas are often, but not always, depicted on aeronautical charts with a parachute symbol and are listed in the Airport/Facility Directory. The actual location of parachute symbols on the chart does not represent the precise location of drop zones. The symbol on the chart may be in the only free spot that is clear of other markings. Another reasons to make sure you look for these symbols is because the FSS will not normally identify these permanent NOTAMs during a preflight briefing, unless specifically requested to do so. Pilots and skydivers need to be alert and follow the rules. It is the responsibility of everyone to watch for, and avoid, each other. Because skydivers freefall at a speed of 120 mph or more, they are extremely difficult to spot from other aircraft. Unless you are flying into, or out of, and airport where skydiving is taking place, it is best to avoid overflying such an airport by at least 2 miles. Maintain a listening watch on UNICOM. http://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/faq/?print=go How can I get a parachute jumping symbol for a specific area put on a chart? Parachute-jumping symbols designate airspace areas to alert the flying public of special air traffic activity. Charting these areas may be accomplished by contacting the FAA Air Traffic Facility (Control Tower, Approach Control Facility, Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC)) having jurisdiction over the airspace and requesting the specific area be charted. The FAA specialist will submit a Special Activity Area Data Sheet to the National Flight Data Center (NFDC) at FAA Headquarters for publication in the National Flight Data Digest. For depiction on a chart, the parachute jumping area must: •Be in operation for at least 1 year. •Operate year round (at least on weekends). •Conduct (and log) 4,000 or more jumps each year. FAA Regions can nominate jump sites if special circumstances require charting. Once published in the National Flight Data Digest, FAA AeroNav Products adds the PARACHUTE JUMPING AREA to that section of the Airport/Facility Directory. If it meets minimum charting requirements, the FAA AeroNav Products depicts the appropriate charts with the Parachute Jump Area symbol in the next publication cycle.
  14. A while, it looks like. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4345087;search_string=Vector%20closing%20loop;#4345087 Same complaint...can't RTFM if they don't update TFM. I remember searching this when I put in an order a while ago..
  15. hillson

    Cookie G3, Bonehead Rev2, or Phantom XV?

    All do the job. There is a long thread here about the BH...give a search and read. I didn't like the latching mechanism on the Phantom...kind of shitty IMHO. But people like them so what do I know... Like most I have a G3. Does everything I need. Light. Excellent viz, I like the latching mechanism. Sufficient for minor bumps and kicks. Happen to think it is an excellent product for what it does. Whichever one fits your head the best if you have the opportunity to try them all on. EDIT: here's the Rev2 thread http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4557473;search_string=rev2;#4557473