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  4. Yes, it's very interesting why it never happens in case of for example FedEx but it happens constantly time after time in case of UK Mail
  5. I've got few messages. It looks like UK Mail just still parachutes regularly because they are expensive. They've learned they win in court so they just keep on doing because now they are untouchable
  6. Don't be confused by name. In UK national postal service it's not UK Mail but Royal Mail. UK Mail its a big private company but both of them cooperate together
  7. I sent a Rig to a Rigging Workshop for repair, and paid for delivery with insurance using the courier UK Mail. UK Mail then lost the parcel. They admitted that they lost it, but they said they would not pay out for it. There was no chance to win against them in court, as they had clauses in their terms and conditions in small print to get out of paying up. After that, the Rigging Workshop paid me £3000 as a gift even though they had nothing to do with it going missing, because they said "We like to keep our customers happy". Beside my Rig, a few weeks later, UK Mail lost another Parachute, and same again, UK Mail managed to get away with not paying out the insurance. Container except sign is whole black, in decent condition, a-e flap and whole harness have been replaced with brand new legpads. Main Stiletto 170 in very good condition, reserve Raven 1 is from July 98 with no rides
  8. For my Revolve I the best is original cutaway system from BH. If they dont sell it anymore ask
  9. I think sport and hobby has some influence, for example all these boxers and fighters they are often fighters also in private life, they hate each other before and after ring. Of course there are plenty assholes but in my opinion skydivers are much more friendly, with temperament and fantasy, this is what I like. If I would have to say why I don't like, I think skydiving sometimes makes people proud. I know many jumpers they are so dumb that talk only with "great jumpers" and all the rest they treat like shit
  10. I had same problem with my Javelin and my friend rigger told me that its better to ask factory. I sent my rig to Sunpath, they did great artistic job and cheaper than rigger
  11. Ok but today some smartphones have barometer and GPS working together. So for smartphones it's not dangerous and they have it upside down "the barometer is more likely than not intended to be a source of supplemental data for the GPS sensor, adding altitude measurements for increased accuracy" There are even apps for skydivers, I think it's just for fun and we shouldn't take it seriously. I guess it also depend what software you have. Sometimes when I'm working in metal container and only one window is open my smartphone shows with mistake that I'm about 200 m somewhere else. I think it's because it has only one shoot from one satelite. For 2-D satnav we don't need many satelites because they also know that earth has spherical shape. Of course for jumps in the mountains that's not enough and we need more satelites and also some better offset from terrain databese. I'm not expert but I thouhgt about software that would turn on it self only if it has good shoot from few satelites together. I think it's not pain if we could see 2 informations one from barometer and one from GPS. But the main question is about sizes, costs and all the rest
  12. Does anyone know why altimeters and AADs dont work together with GPS ?
  13. I don't know how about your altimeters but my is painted like that: So it's possible to pull even between 1500 - 1200 m I've been told one day that rules have been written with human's blood. I guess somebody knew why to paint that altimeter in this way. We deploy main in stable position and I think if it's last chance its good to pull reserve stable. That's true reserves are more reliable with openings but it's extra gift from manufacturer not the reason why to pull too low and later think how to help ourselves
  14. What else ebout your RSL campaign If somebody understand how does it work and all these situations when it's more or less dangerous that's ok but teaching with understanding is not the same like pure propaganda and brainwashing. For me idea with RSL is sometimes like how to help ourselves if we pull too low
  15. I said "about" I know that time with spining canopy is not same like on free falling and also after cutting away we dont fall 50 m/s/ He could also save more seconds About all the rest I was writing before