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  1. I'd say you should review your technique, your suit movement range and (perhaps) your flexibility... you shouldn't have an issue with a V308 or any other Vector for that matter, they are well established and very popular in the wingsuit community. You could also have an appropriate rigger look at your particular container, there is always the possibility that your harness is not sized properly to you. I take that you have reached out to UPT already to no avail?
  2. Irina Sinitsina - died shortly after the 2012 100-way in Perris
  3. I chose the winX because in terms of openings and landings I found it to be marginally better than the Pilot7. Though I would have been happy (as happy as one can be flying a 7-cell) with the Pilot7. I demoed the regular WinX, this was last summer. The regular winX 150 packed pretty much the same as the Storm 150, the hybrid Pilot7 packs smaller and so does the light weight winX, I understand.
  4. I demoed both canopies last summer during the same event, managed to put about a dozen jumps on each, on both 150 and 135. The Pilot7 was the hybrid type. I personally found both to have short and better openings than my Storm 150, on which I had about 400 jumps. Landings are fine with either, they all fly slightly different but all three canopies recover from a dive very fast and need varied degrees of robust input. I ended up buying the WinX 135 and selling my Storm.
  5. Actually, I'm kinda curious to see how it flies. Unfortunately it is too big for me.
  6. Thank you guys, after I looked carefully at the Nitro Rigging website I can see that some of their suits have the same peculiar leg wing construction, attachment to the legs and inlets on the knees as on the suit I inherited. Oz
  7. Hello peeps, I just bought a Birdman Classic II from an old rigger and he threw this wingsuit (see pic) for free on the deal. Can anyone tell me what it is and who made it? Cheers! Oz
  8. you are missing verstas, don't forget the Russians!
  9. Agreed. Either way it makes for a pretty cool visual.
  10. A step stack provides more tolerance for the combined effect of the position adjustments everyone makes once flying in slot. It reduces the risk of burbling the person above you or getting burbled by the one below when say, a formation is breathing and everyone is moving as there is more tolerance for forward/backward movement. One positive consequence of this it that it also allows for a smaller vertical separation between rows.
  11. Something for normal, 176-cm tall people?
  12. I haven't noticed that either, can't see why it's necessary
  13. and remember the proper breakfast back then was three raw eggs right before the triumphant run...
  14. A healthy disclaimer in this forum...
  15. aOwl


    I like the magnets on my old S-Wing but I reckon you might need to work on your flexibility, bro... ;)